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India’s Gay Rights Activists Seize Momentum After Landmark Ruling

“Women’s sexuality is not talked about, not discussed, nothing, ever,” Ms. Gopalan said.

On gender issues, there have been recent legal changes in India. In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that transgender people could choose to be identified as a “third gender” with legal recognition.

But Rovin Sharma, 23, a self-described drag queen, said that gender issues are still rudimentarily understood in India. Mx. Sharma, who prefers the gender-neutral Mx. in place of Mr. or Ms., told of being forced to resign from a job recently after attempting to use the women’s restroom there.

“There’s no space for me,” Mx. Sharma said.

Those issues momentarily took a back seat at the parade, the 10th to be held in Delhi, as sections of the crowd unfurled a large rainbow flag. This year, fewer participants wore face masks to hide their identities at the parade, which included a smattering of Westerners.

Adam Willems, 22, who was born in New York City but calls India home, said Delhi’s parade was refreshingly anticapitalist, if still “very Anglophone,” by which he meant it was largely attended by English-speaking, educated Indians. Mr. Willems noted that Delhi’s pride organizers have resisted integrating corporate sponsors.

Source: NYT > World

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