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Imam in Switzerland Urged Burning of Muslims Who Don’t Pray, Prosecutors Say

The imam was detained, along with three others involved in the An’Nur mosque, in November 2016. He remains in custody; the others have been released for lack of evidence.

This year, the Swiss authorities identified more than 500 people with connections to the country who were using social media to propagate extremist ideals.

Switzerland has been seeking to integrate the 450,000 Muslims living in the country and, like many of its European neighbors, has been trying to strike a balance between allowing them freedom of religious practice while encouraging them to accept Western norms. In January, a court in Basel ruled that two Muslim girls must be enrolled in mandatory mixed swimming lessons, despite opposition from their parents.

According to Swiss news media, several men were radicalized at the An’Nur mosque before traveling to Syria to join the militant group Islamic State.

In February, 10 people were arrested on suspicion of attacking two members of the community who had spoken with journalists about the content of a sermon.

The mosque has since closed, Swiss news media reported.

The imam also faces charges of violating immigration law by working in the country in that role for more than four weeks without the requisite permit, prosecutors said.

Source: NYT > World

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