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I suppose congratulations are in order?

Hey, h'America! It's been a great/disastrous/??? day for democracy, hasn't it? See, we've had our own Mityo "Pishtova" (The Gun) for presidential candidate around here too, and though he couldn't win the election despite promising free meatballs and lemonade for everyone who dared vote for him, seems like the h'American* version of Mityo has earned a brilliant and shocking victory.

Well done, h'America! You've completely jumped the shark now, and proven to be the most [insert expletive containing intelligence-related overtones]** nation on this fucking planet. One thing is for sure: there'll be a lot of LOLs from here on. But even more cringes.

Some say h'America is fucked in terms of domestic policy. We the people around the world may've seemed concerned about his foreign policies as well, but given PresidentDouche***'s general stated proneness to leave the rest of the world to their means while enjoying himself around his casinos and leaving the folks in his team run the country, this might not be such bad news for us (can we see some hiatus from the frantic nation-building that we've seen lately, heh?) Conversely, this could spell disaster for international politics, as various rogue players would be sure to probe the ground and test how far they could push things – which brings us to PresidentDouche's unpredictability in terms of reaction to their actions. But we'll see.

What matters though is, if PresidentDouche keeps even 10% of his promises and intentions, h'America is truly fucked domestically – and that's bad for the rest of the world in the long run, because it can't help reflecting on the rest of us. The public has reacted to years of elitist disconnect in the ugliest and stupidest way possible, so in a sense this is really a reactionary step backwards. One that now, in hindsight, doesn't seem as shocking and unexpected as it did a while back.

This, from a foreigner's perspective.

As for the complex maze that is the US political system, the checks'n'balances that have been put there from day one, will probably smoothen PresidentDouche's douchiness somewhat. Granted, that largely depends on whom he encircles himself with, from now on. Something tells me Congress, even GOP-dominated, won't let him Make America Great Again the way he imagined – whatever that means – and for good or for bad.

Ultimately, the result shows two more things. One: populism is winning big these days (and not just in h'America), because people feel hugely disenfranchized and disconnected from their rulers. And two: all the polling agencies, pundits, analysts, and all the collective harpies that call themselves the media, can go die in a fire. Their projections and predictions are worth less than a cat's poop. Whatever they say, the people appear to think otherwise – if most of them are able to think, anyway**.

* An old joke around these parts: h'America, the lamer side of America. Long story. I intend to call her so for the duration of PresidentDouche’s tenure. Trademarked!
** Care to bet what % of the populace are capable of autonomous critical thought? My observations have pointed to roughly about 5%. Although that could vary from country to country.
*** There used to be a PresidentMoron website, dedicated to updating news of GWB's stupidity daily. It has been down for years, but a new niche seems to have opened in its place now. We'll be all ears. The showmen around h'America and the world will sure have a lot of work in the upcoming years.

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