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How To Talk To Your Kids About Trump

Just another day at the Ayn Rand School for Tots
Just another day at the Ayn Rand School for Tots

You think your election-day morning after sucked? Imagine being a public school teacher with a classroom full of distraught sobbing kids who are pretty sure the man who’ll be president wants to deport them and their parents. The Washington Post brings us a roundup of some of the reactions from schools around the country, where teachers found themselves having to be comforting and doing civics lessons on the fly:

Educators sought to channel the energy into lessons on civility, democracy and on America’s system of checks and balances on power, explaining that many of Trump’s policy proposals — love them or hate them — might not come to be without congressional approval.

Not a bad reminder for some of us adults, too. Trump might want to be a Supreme Overlord, but he’s not going to be that, and one of the recurring themes in the next four years is going to be watching him have hissy fits when he finds out he can’t simply issue an executive order banning journalists from saying things he doesn’t like.

A few highlights:

Then there were the kids at a high school in Forrest City, Arkansas, where a history teacher said once they were sure Hillary Clinton wouldn’t take their guns away, they got back to talking about football and who broke up with whom. Election? What election? That sounds a lot more like the high schools we knew and loathed, all right.

And for you Wonkers, we would like to offer some advice on how to talk to YOUR kids about the scary man who’ll become president in January: You’re mostly Olds like us, so your kids are adults. Call them on the phone and have a good cry together.

Your Wonkette: always happy to be servicey!


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