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How the FBI rigged the election for Trump

If Donald Trump wins on Tuesday, it will be FBI Director James Comey’s fault.

Whether it’s rogue elements in the FBI, or now more likely FBI Director Comey himself, the FBI has become little more than an arm of the Republican party.

Please watch the Facebook Live talk (below) that I just gave about the FBI’s meddling in the election, and then visit the petition my colleague Alan Klein and I set up, calling on FBI Director Comey to resign: TimeToResign.com.

Comey deserves to be fired, but at this point in the election, Obama can’t step in without looking like he’s pulling a Nixon and doing it for Hillary. Comey needs to reach down deep and find whatever shred of dignity and love of country he has left, and do the right thing and resign.

Visit TimeToResign.com and tell the FBI Director his agency’s days of election-rigging are over. And watch my discussion of all of this on Facebook Live below:

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