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Hey, Should We Liveblog Sean Spicer’s Press Conference Right Now? Okay If You Insist!

Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer has had a very bad time lately trying to keep up with, well, you know, ALL OF IT. Every day he comes out and tries not to yell at the press corps, and he lasts a few minutes while he’s reading his notes and then they start ASKING HIM QUESTIONS.

Is that even fair? To ask Sean Spicer questions? Like “what the fuck Sean Spicer?” and “Sean Sphincter says what?” and “Mike Flynn: Russian Spy or Turkish Spy, Which Is It Spicey?”

Then, when he can’t handle the blood pressure spike, he calls on Gateway Pundit and everyone goes home.

But today is special! Today we will find out how many ways Sean Spicer can decline to answer questions about Devin Nunes’s Wild Midnight Ride and Mike Flynn’s flipping to the Fibbies and Donald Trump: he resigning yet, or what? Mama’s got a longshot bet to win!


1:05 PM. MSNBC is reporting that this presser will start at 1:30, even though Spicer tweeted last night that it would start at 1. JUST ANOTHER LIE FOR YOU! We will see you back here then unless we see you first!

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