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Hey Jeff Sessions! Gonna Do Perjuries To Congress Today? Let’s Liveblog And Find Out!

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WHEE, IT IS JEFF SESSIONS LIVEBLOG DAY! Sessions is testifying for the House Judiciary Committee … NOW!

Wonkette long ago lost track of Sessions’s various lies about his involvement in the Trump-Russia conspiracy, and we imagine he will tell us many more bullshits about it today.

But this is also an interesting time to watch ‘n’ liveblog, because news came out Monday night that Sessions is directing the Justice Department to see if MAYBE they should appoint a special prosecutor to look at Hillary Clinton’s Russian Uranium Benghazi emails, like Donald Trump instructed him to do right before he left for Asia. (Yes, if this happens, Trump will have successfully weaponized the Justice Department to go after his political adversary, as a way to obstruct justice in the investigation into him. Yes, this would be VERY BAD.)

It’s also an interesting day because rumor has it certain Alabammy folks are concoctin’ a scheme whar’-by if the state votes for the accused child molester Roy Moore, the Senate could refuse to seat him, and then Alabama Governor Kay Ivey could appoint Jeff Sessions to his old Senate seat, which would clear the way for Trump to pick the biggest sycophant lawyer in his cabinet (presumably somebody already Senate-confirmed) to be his new attorney general, at which point BING BONG! that person could obstruct justice for Trump by firing Robert Mueller! So!

Shall we liveblog? WE SHALL.

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