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Herman Cain, 2012 GOP presidential candidate, dies after contracting COVID-19

Herman Cain, the former 2012 GOP presidential candidate and pizza executive, has died, according to Mr. Cain’s website.

Mr. Cain, 74, had been undergoing oxygen treatment in recent weeks after testing positive for the coronavirus.

“There aren’t many people like Herman Cain, and it behooves us to truly cherish the ones we’re given,” Dan Calabrese, the editor of hermancain.com, wrote on Thursday. “His wife Gloria — his children Melanie and Vincent — and his grandchildren … they need our love, our support and our prayers.”

“I’m sorry I had to bring you bad news this morning,” Mr. Calabrese said. “But the good news is that we had a man so good, so solid, so full of love and faith … that his death hits us this hard. Thank God for a man like that.”

Mr. Cain attended President Trump’s June 20 rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, though Mr. Calabrese had previously said they had no idea how he contracted the virus.

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