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He Killed a Red Cross Worker: ‘I Will Go to Hell for What I Did’

Mr. Nasim denied saying and he said he surrendered immediately.

“After firing, I was very agitated,” he said. “I don’t remember anything. I just dropped the gun.”

Mr. Wahidi, however, said Mr. Nasim’s gun jammed when he pointed it and tried to fire at someone else and he then fled in his wheelchair while trying to unjam it. Finally, a relative of a patient jumped on him and overpowered him, knocking the gun away.

Mr. Nasim described himself as a devoutly religious man. He had studied in Islamic madrasas, where he managed to memorize the entire Quran, in its original Arabic. Like most Afghans, Mr. Nasim does not speak or understand Arabic.

Afghans who achieve that feat of memorization spend years doing it and are rewarded with a special place in society, the title “qari,” and are often exempted from work and supported by donations from admirers.

Mr. Nasim was asked whether his study of the Quran had shaped his views on killing an unarmed civilian in cold blood.

“I don’t know the meaning of the Quran. I can just recite it,” he said, then laughed. “I don’t know what the Quran says about such an act, but I know the act was something bad.”

Many of the patients at the orthopedic center were angry at him and fearful about their future.

“If this place weren’t here, we would just be like a dead body,” said Dur Mohammed, 45, a big man who lost a leg to a mortar shell and now works for an advocacy group for the disabled. “If I were here when it happened, he wouldn’t have left this place alive,” he added. “He just did that because she wasn’t a Muslim.”

Zakirullah Rahim, 35, a regular patient who comes for physiotherapy for a spinal injury and who overlapped with Mr. Nasim over the years, said: “Only an idiot would do what he did. She was a foreigner, but she was helping us. So she was not a Muslim, but she was helping Muslims.”

Mr. Nasim agreed.

“How can I be proud of killing someone who is serving us?” he said.

Source: NYT > World

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