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Hacker tool psychologically profilesTrump by his tweets

A high-profile American hacker by the name of Jester has created a “Minority Report” style tool that lets him psychologically profile anyone based on their Tweets.

His first subject: Donald Trump.

Jester’s tool, called Internet AWACS, or iAWACS, lets you chart when and how frequently tweets, the tone and mood of their tweets, and the geolocation. The tool also does much more, such as tracking live-shooter situations, keeping tabs on jihadis, and more.

Jester came to my attention a few months ago when he hacked the front page of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, leaving them a cheeky note signed “Wolverines!” (A man after my heart.) A lot’s been written about Jester, including TIME naming him one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet in 2015.

Back to iAWACS. The tool has determined that Trump’s morning twitter storms tend to happen between the 5 o’clock and the 7 o’clock hour. One can also glean that Trump goes to bed by 11ish, and wakes up around 5am or 6am.

trump tweet sleep schedule

Here’s a closer look at Trump’s tweeting patterns:


iAWACS also found that most of Trump’s tweets originate in NYC, from Trump Tower, but it also put Trump in various states recently (likely his victory tour):


It was particularly weird/disturbing to find Trump’s exact location within Trump Tower, to within one meter of his exact location (I’m told). You’d think this might not be the wisest thing for Trump to be divulging, his exactly location within a meter.


Here’s another location Trump tweeted from in NYC, the Yotel Times Square hotel on the upper west side:


Jester says he’s watched Trump visit his favorite restaurants around town, simply by noting the geolocation of Trump’s various tweets. (Jester notes that Trump does not always have geolocate turned on.)

Jester’s pysche analysis is broken down into four main categories: emotional tendencies; mindset tendencies; social tendencies; and criminal tendencies. Jester notes that the psychological analysis is not his own: “All the Traits are calculated using an IBM WATSON algorithm.” Jester adds that the algorithm then works out your “big five” personality traits.



Where Trump came down, according to iAWACS:

Emotional tendencies: Trump has great emotional range and is somewhat upbeat.

Mindset tendencies: Trump is analytical, but not conscientious.

Social tendencies: Trump is overwhelmingly arrogant, disagreeable and closed to others.

Criminal tendencies: Trump has a greater than average propensity for violence and willingness to commit crimes, and is untrustworthy. [Again, I’m just summarizing the results on the page.]

All that aside, it’s an amazing tool. Here Jesters shows us whose tweeting live, right now (as of the moment I captured the image). You can even watch the tweets flow by, and the images people are posting (which shouldn’t’ be done on a work computer, just saying).


The tool wasn’t created to track Trump — you can enter your own Twitter handle and read up on yourself as well. (And find out more about Jester here.)

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