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GOP US House candidate, Montanan Greg Gianforte, caught on tape violently assaulting reporter

Republican US House candidate for the special election in Montana this week, Greg Gianforte, attacked a reporter with the Guardian newspaper tonight, body slamming him to the ground, and breaking his glasses, for simply asking the candidate about the CBO analysis of the House GOP health care bill.

The reporter had to subsequently be treated in an ambulance, and reported the assault to the police.

Gianforte subsequently issued a denial of the entire incident, blaming it on the reporter, Ben Jacobs, and claiming that Gianforte asked the reporter to move a microphone out of his face, and Jacobs declined. The Guardian has released audio of the incident that shows Gianforte lied — he never mentioned a microphone, and Jacobs never declined.

If Gianforte gave the same lie when talking to the police, that’s a second crime, along with the assault.

Here is Gianforte’s denial, read it carefully, then listen to the audio.

And here’s the audio from the Guardian, disproving Gianforte’s claims. You’ll note that not only does Gianforte say nothing about the microphone, nor does the reporter say he won’t to remove the microphone (another false claim from Gianforte), but note what happens after the assault. The reporter immediately says “you broke my glasses” and “you body slammed me.” Gianforte doesn’t deny it, but rather goes off on tirade about how sick and tired he is of reporters.

Below the audio is the transcript:

It’s stunning.

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