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GOP Rep. Steve King: Millions could lose health insurance under TrumpCare, and that’s ok

Republican member of Congress Steve King just told CNN that millions could lose their health insurance under the Republican Obamacare repeal plan — also known as TrumpCare/RyanCare and the Unaffordable Care Act.

King’s admission that millions could lose their coverage was only trumped by his claim that it doesn’t matter if millions lose their coverage.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was asking King about the GOP repeal effort, called “Repeal and Replace.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta: You don’t think people are going to lose health insurance as a result of this “Repeal and Replace” effort? Isn’t there really the possibility that millions of people could loser their health insurance?

GOP Rep. Steve King: There is that possibility. But it seems as though we’re creating that as the metric through which we have to view everything else.

He said it.

John Aravosis
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