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GOP Intel Chair Nunes: Obama didn’t wiretap Trump

Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes just told reporters that if Donald Trump suggested that President Obama wiretapped him, then Trump is “wrong.”

Nunes went on to say that we shouldn’t take Trump literally.

This is the latest fall-out from Trump’s tweets of a few weeks ago, claiming in dramatic terms that Trump had seen definitive proof that President Obama had “tapped his wires.”

Trump did not indicate that he was speaking metaphorically. He meant quite literally that Obama had illegally spied on him.

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And now the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, who is a pro-Trump sycophant — even Devin Nunes has been forced to say that Trump is wrong.

Nunes’ rebuke of Trump comes on the heels of Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions telling the media that he never gave Trump any indiction that Trump was wiretapped.

This means Trump’s world is shrinking fast. And that even senior members of his own party say we shouldn’t take him at his word. That’s a damning critique of anyone, but especially of the president of the United States.

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