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Gen. Flynn’s son suggests DC Comet gunman was a hoax

The son of incoming Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who serves as Flynn’s chief of staff, went on an extended Twitter rant last night in which he seemed to suggest that a showdown yesterday in a DC restaurant, in which a far-right-inspired gunman held police at bay for nearly an hour, was a hoax.

In an angry series of Tweets, that included retweeting leaders of the racist, white supremacist “Alt Right” movement, Michael G. Flynn ripped into the media — CNN’s Jake Tapper in particular — claiming that the Comet gunman was an actor, and that the media is soft on pedophilia.

Flynn also suggested that the fake conspiracy theory that motivated the gunman, that Hillary Clinton and top aides were involved in a pedophile ring based in the Comet restaurant and pizza parlor in DC, was true until proven wrong.

Flynn’s Twitter rampage may have been motivated in part by early reports that his father, Trump’s top foreign policy aide, had tweeted about the Clinton pedophilia scandal one week before the election. In fact, it now appears that Gen. Flynn’s tweets may have been about a second fake Clinton pedophilia scandal.

In the weeks before the gunman burst into Comet last night, the restaurant has been inundated by death threats, and had to contact the FBI and local police. A simple Google search shows that some adherents to the Comet conspiracy believe that Gen. Flynn retweeted the second fake pedophilia conspiracy in solidarity with what they call the “Pizzagate” conspiracy involving the Comet. So even if Flynn didn’t tweet about the same Clinton pedophilia conspiracy, some of Flynn’s followers thought he did.

You really need to seen Flynn, Jr’s tweets in order to appreciate how over-the-top they  are. Keep in mind that this is the chief of staff to the incoming National Security Adviser — one of his most trusted aides.

Here are the tweets. Note that Mike Cernovich, who Flynn Jr. retweets several times, is an Alt-Right leader.


This is unrelated to Pizzagate, but rather is Flynn Jr. retweeting InfoWars, a lead far-right conspiracy site popular with Team Trump:

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