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Gen. Flynn’s Alt-Right-conspiracy peddling son now has a Trump transition email

Gen. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s choice to be incoming White House National Security Adviser, has a son also named Michael who appears to now be working on the Trump transition. Up until now, Flynn Jr. has been working as his dad’s chief of staff. So Flynn Jr.’s judgment goes to the judgement of Flynn Sr.

CNN reports that younger Flynn now has a .gov email address, which is only given to people working with the Trump transition. The younger Flynn’s involvement with the Trump transition is troubling, since Flynn’s son peddles “Alt Right” conspiracy theories, and retweets Alt Right leaders.

The Alt Right, you may recall, is a racist far-right extremist movement that has been recently empowered by the Trump campaign and now election-victory.

Flynn’s son let loose in an overnight Twitter storm that, by and of itself, calls into question his fitness for public service.

In the tweets, younger Flynn defends a debunked conspiracy theory, called Pizzagate, that claims Hillary Clinton is part of a child sex ring, centered around a local DC pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong. The elder Flynn tweeted right before the election about a second child-sex conspiracy theory involving the Clintons. Some of the first conspiracy theory’s adherents, and many people in the public and the media, took elder-Flynn’s tweets to be support for the Comet conspiracy as well.

Yes, it’s complicated. Such is the world when the incoming National Security Adviser embraces far-right conspiracy theories.

Fast forward to yesterday. It’s Sunday afternoon in Washington, DC and a man walks into the Comet restaurant brandishing an assault rifle, which he then pointed at an employee, who ran. Then the man shot his rifle, and the people in the restaurant scattered. Police were called, the neighborhood was shut down, and after nearly an hour the man gave himself up.

Why was he on the verge of a potential massacre? He heard that the restaurant was part of a pedophilia ring involving Hillary Clinton, and decided to do his own “investigation.”

Enter Flynn Jr. Last night, Gen. Flynn’s son went off on a Twitter tear, defending his father (even younger Flynn thought his father had tweeted in support of Pizzagate), defending the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, and suggesting that the Comet gunman was some kind of false flag operation (i.e., a fake). Flynn Jr. says the gunman was an actor.

And as if that weren’t enough to cast serious doubt on Flynn Jr.’s appropriateness for a job in the Trump regime, younger-Flynn then starts retweeting Alt Right leader Mike Cernovich. (Flynn has also previously retweeted employees of Alex Jones’ conspiracy empire Infowars).

One more point. Flynn Jr. knows that his dad is going to be Trump’s National Security Adviser. This is a time when a son is usually on his best behavior. And the younger Flynn’s best behavior is defending conspiracy theories that appear to have nearly led to a mass casualty shooting, endorsing a second conspiracy theory about the Comet gunman, and retweeting leaders of a racist, anti-Semitic movement. Imagine how Flynn’s son acts when the spotlight isn’t on him.

It’s questionable at this point whether Gen. Flynn should be allowed within ten miles of the Oval Office, let alone his son.

Here are Junior’s tweets from last night:


This is unrelated to Pizzagate, but rather is Flynn Jr. retweeting InfoWars, a lead far-right conspiracy site popular with Team Trump:


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