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Friday lulz. Surgeon woes.

What wouldn't you like to hear while you're lying on the surgery table?

1. Oh shit…
2. Has anyone seen my watch?
3. I shouldn't have had so much wine last night.
4. Dammit, someone has stolen page 47 of the manual!
5. Bring it back, you bad dog!
6. Ehm… He does have kids already, right?
7. Hurry up, the match starts in half an hour.
8. Nurse, fetch me the… that thing, what's its name…
9. All right lads, if this isn't an appendix, when what the hell is it?
10. Fuck those guys from the electricity company!
11. Everyone back off! I've lost my contact lens.
12. Well, folks. Today's surgery should be a good lesson for all of you who consider themselves a great specialist.
13. Wait, I thought this guy was here for gender changing…
14. No matter. The cleaning lady will clean this up later, anyway.
15. You shouldn't have pressed so much. Now we'll need a new table.
16. Ugh! I cut myself.
17. It's easy for you to preach like that – you've already had a near-death experience before.
18. What the fuck? This guy is pregnant!
19. Wow… A liver costs a fortune at the black market, and this one is gonna need two of them!
20. Oopsie-daisy!

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