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Friday LOLs. Catchy headline generator

This is awesome. I wouldn't be shocked if many of the headlines that we see on the yellow rags are actually composed that way:

Catchy Headline Generator generates clickbait titles that sound like magazine article headlines. Just add hastily-written filler underneath, and you've got "content".

Some examples that I got within a few clicks:

12 Horrible Secrets That Make Receptionists Eat More Vegetables
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's Top 20 Surprising Skateboarding Tips
12 Scary Things That Make Web Designers Nervous
6 Shocking Stamp Collecting Tips From Joe Biden
10 Truths That Will Make Your Grandfather Work Harder
20 Dangerous Facts About Mike Huckabee
5 Secrets That Make Boyfriends Feel Sexually Confused
15 Frightening Facts Bus Drivers Are Using Against You
Will George Clooney Save Drunk Driving?
8 Shocking Secrets Your Mother Isn't Telling You

Source: Talk politics.

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