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Friday LOL. The Conway memestorm

We have all heard of Kellyanne Conway's gaffe at *that meeting* in the Oval Office. It was condemned as a sign of disrespect for the presidential office, even a sign of white privilege in the face of so many respectable African American distinguished guests.

And the memes were short to follow. Here are some…

Of course, there were reminders of all the criticism that Obama received for putting his feet on the presidential desk. Some have pointed out that now those who were eager to hold his feet to the fire (hah!) at the time, are nowhere to be seen around, right now.

It might or might not be a tempest in a teacup, but still a good source of somewhat cringeworthy LOLs and WTFs – and quite symptomatic for the new administration. Especially given Ms Conway's recent shenanigans.

Source: Talk politics.

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