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France… And elections.

New drama in the French elections as Penelope-gate moves into full swing.


And if the centre-right are trumped now I wonder which candidate will step into the fray to rescue the slightly over three-quarters of French folk who think that politicians are corrupt?

Given that the Front National have their own problems with corruption, expenses, and suchlike, you would have thought that they wouldn't benefit that much. But I've put a tenner on Madame Le Pen doing rather better. There appears to be, after all, a distict pattern here: in the UK, US, and next in line France, and then Germany.

If there was a certain pattern to all of this one tends to ask cui bono?

So my question is this: who would the panel nominate for the nation or persons benefitting most from such a state of affairs? George Soros? The Illuminati? Uncle Vlad?

And as an aside for the betting fraternity amongst us, what are the odds that Angela Merkel has some as-yet-unidentified scandal blow-up in her face just before the elections?

As a postscript. Oh Julian, you are a bit of a dupe sometimes. Don't you know when you have been played like a Stradivarius by a master?

Source: Talk politics.

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