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Fox News And Julian Assange Walk Into A Bar To Trade Democratic Senator’s Trump-Russia Texts!

Ready to break down some Grade A Fox News Breaking Nonsense? Glove up, kids! Time to reach all the way up into the ass end of that feverswamp.

Assange Loves Fake Hannity

Because of course it involves those treasonweasels! Two weeks ago, the #DeepState murdered Sean Hannity’s Twitter account for a few hours. While Hannity was offline getting probed by UFOs, several fake accounts popped up using his name.

Rapey hacker Julian Assange reached out to one of those fake Hannity accounts, because he is the best at cyber.

“Have some news about Warner.” O RLLY????

Who will Fox News slander today? Why It’s Democratic Senator Mark Warner!

WHAT AN ASTONISHING COINCIDENCE! Check out the headline last night on Fox News.

Wow, that looks damning! If you made it through the first 10 paragraphs (and then the embedded Scribd with scrollable text messages), you’d come to the part where the rest of the Senate Intelligence Committee said, “YEAH! WE WERE ALL WORKING ON THIS TOGETHER! QUIT LEAKING OUR SHIT!”

The senators released a joint statement to Fox News stressing they are working together, while blasting the “leaks of incomplete information.”

They said the committee has been in possession of this material for several months and committee investigators have pursued all relevant investigative leads related to the material.

“From the beginning of our investigation we have taken each step in a bipartisan way, and we intend to continue to do so,” Warner and Burr said in the statement. “Leaks of incomplete information out of context by anyone, inside or outside our committee, are unacceptable.”

Did the President “read” that far down? LOLOLOL! We are silly this morning!

Let’s just get this part out of the way up front. Hillary Clinton’s only “tie” to this nonsense appears to be that former Clinton administration employees worked there in 2009. It’s like saying that Ed Henry has ties to Las Vegas casinos just because he got caught having an affair with a Vegas cocktail waitress and had to “take some time off” in 2016. Oh, wait, no, it’s much less of a tie than that!

To his credit, Marco Rubio immediately jumped to Warner’s defense.

To which Ed Henry replied:

Really, Ed? Is that really the question? Because we read through all 21 pages of leaked texts that you got from someone who you swear on a stack of bibles is not Julian Assange. And our biggest question is WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Because you’re only too happy to jeopardize national security for a chance to smear a Democratic Senator. It’s almost like you don’t actually give a damn what happens to the country!

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s SUPER LOBBYIST!

Henry’s story relies on leaked texts between lobbyist Adam Waldman and Democratic Senator Mark Warner between February 14 and May 15, 2017. Waldman appears to have been acting as a middleman on behalf of BOTH Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Trump Dossier author Christopher Steele.

And, also, maybe (???) Julian Assange.

Stop giving us The Eye. LOOK.

Hi. Steele: would like to get a bipartisan letter from the committee; Assange: I convinced him to make serious and important concessions and am discussing those w DOJ; Deripaska: willing to testify to congress by interested in state of play w Manafort. I will be w him next tuesday for a week.

Three clients. Three asks. Henry and the rest of the Fox goons made a big stink about the Steele and Deripaska angles, but they left out the part about Assange. Who was definitely, totally not their source.


Christopher Steele

Fox News spent all last night hyperventilating about “questionable” contacts between Warner and Steele. In reality, it looks like Warner was trying to get Steele to talk to the USSSCI, but Steele wanted some kind of written guarantee from the committee members.

Warner wanted to speak to Steele to set it up first, knowing that records of a failed negotiation were liable to wind up leaking and getting twisted.

And he was right to be worried.

Throughout the text exchanges, Warner seemed particularly intent on connecting directly with Steele without anyone else on the Senate Intelligence Committee being in the loop — at least initially. In one text to the lobbyist, Warner wrote that he would “rather not have a paper trail” of his messages.

Negotiations did stall, the “paper trail” did leak, and those assholes at Fox did twist it. That train is never late!


There are so many newses breaking about Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska! But that’s a story for another post. The important thing to understand here is that Deripaska was barred from the US for having ties to organized crime, and Waldman’s firm The Endeavor Group represents him in his efforts to get the ban reversed.

Waldman appears to be negotiating to have Deripaska speak both to the Senate and with the Department of Justice.

Say, you know whose investigation is being run through DOJ? ROBERT MUELLER, THAT’S WHO!


In case you weren’t convinced that Ed Henry is a treasonous little dickweasel, let’s look at the part he left out of his story. Here’s Senator Mark Warner negotiating with lobbyist Adam Waldman to bring chaos monkey Julian Assange back into the country.

Mark, I wanted to let you know that everyone I have spoken with in USG [United States Government] about this matter, each of whom I have also been entirely transparent with about my motives in trying to assist, has assured me that they understand and even appreciate my efforts. Perhaps that’s wrong, but I wanted to pass along to you. I told Assange, just as I told the USG that I would end this pro bono role if I found that the objective (safe passage to discuss w USG the past and future leaks) could not be achieved.

Waldman is trying to be an honest broker (for no money) and bring Assange in where he can’t do any further harm.

Just want to underscore my opinion and the reason I got involved — this guy [Assange] is going to do something catastrophic for the dems, Obama, CIA and national security. I hope someone will consider getting him to US to ameliorate the damage.

Oh, hey! Remember when the president’s useless stump of a son conspired with Wikileaks to spread hacked emails and ratfuck our election? We bet that little bastard is tweeting about Mark Warner RIGHT NOW. Not checking, though, for fear we might stroke out.

Anyway, here’s how patriots deal with threats to their country.

We can’t help but notice …

It is SO WEIRD that Ed Henry had these interesting texts detailing Waldman’s negotiations to bring Julian Assange into US custody and said NOTHING about it. HUH!


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