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Florida does it again


With more than 95 percent of precincts reporting, Donald Trump carried a 140,000 vote lead in Florida. | Getty

Florida is once again on the knife’s edge.

With more than 95 percent of precincts reporting, Donald Trump carried a 140,000 vote lead, leaving Democrats biting their nails and keeping alive his path to 270 electoral votes.

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Though outstanding votes from populous Democratic strongholds like Broward County and Palm Beach County left a shred of hope for Clinton allies, Trump’s strength in traditional Florida GOP strongholds, combined with dominance in rural areas like the panhandle appeared to give him the edge as the remaining votes were counted.

Republicans professed optimism that Democrats couldn’t catch up, that there weren’t enough remaining uncounted Democratic votes to close the gap.

Trump keeps up threat to refuse election result

“It’s not going to be enough to make a difference in the race,” said Palm Beach County GOP chairman Michael Barnett in a phone interview.

Clinton led Palm Beach County by 15 percentage points late in the evening, but that’s a decline from 2012 when Barack Obama won the county by 17 points.

It’s a familiar story for Democrats still scarred by Al Gore’s 2000 loss to George W. Bush in a razor close race. Though Barack Obama won the state twice, both times were by extremely narrow margins built on the strength of his appeal to minority voters in the state.

Clinton allies expressed increasing optimism about their chances in the state heading into Election Day, energized by early vote results that showed Hispanic turnout exploding across the state. Exit polls reinforced that optimism, showing Clinton with a narrow lead and demographic trends pointing her way.

Source: POLITICO – TOP Stories

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