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This seems to make all investigations into ethics in US politics subject to the, er, um, erm… whims of the GOP. Thankfully the GOP is spotlessly and scrupulously moral, and so would never abuse any advantage which clever and strategic manoeuvring and great good fortune has given it. (Ahem.)

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this was the election the Dems had to win. The loss is going to resonate down through the decades. POTUS, SCOTUS, and Congress working together can now change the ground rules. The winners can be as radically capitalist or nationalist as they like. (And now, given this vote, as kleptocratic as they wish, too.) And the GOP now can change the starting conditions to skew the polity in a shape more pleasing to themselves.

My questions are:

Have the Democrats actually understood the depth of their loss?

How do the Democrats think they can prevent or obfuscate the sort of structural changes which the GOP can now enact?

And after the changes have been made, does the panel think that the Democrats will ever be in a position to hold all three branches of the executive ever again (or at least for the next two decades) to enable it to redress this and repair the damage done by this rout?

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