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Enforcing Immigration Laws and Controlling U.S. Borders is Imperative

This is what I meant to post.

Over the last eight years, immigrants seeking to destroy America penetrated U.S. borders. Unlike the immigrants who people claim built this country, they do not want to assimilate into American culture. Another threat is the descendants of immigrants from certain countries. Part of protecting U.S. borders involves banning immigration from countries in which terrorists thrive. Otherwise, Americans will lose cherished liberties, if the United States of America is destroyed.

The only immigrants complaining about deportation and more border controls are those who entered into this country illegally. Legal immigrants have nothing to fear. After coming into this country legally, they received the same rights and protections as other U.S. citizens.

Also, federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities cannot handle the tide of illegal immigration. Many illegal immigrants are discovered after they commit a crime, besides entering the United States illegally. Then, more tax dollars are expended to try the illegal immigrants and detain them in overcrowded prisons or jails.

Source: Talk politics.

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