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Donald Trump’s Kathy Griffin is named Ted Nugent: Why is he still welcome in the White House?

Donald Trump has a Kathy Griffin: His name is Ted Nugent.

You’re by now likely familiar with the brouhaha earlier this week over comedian Kathy Griffin doing a photo shoot in which she posed with a bloody decapitated Donald Trump head.

People were understandably upset, myself included, and Griffin promptly and profusely apologized.

You know who hasn’t yet apologized for repeatedly calling for Hillary Clinton’s and President Obama’s death? Trump and Fox News bff Ted Nugent.

Kathy Griffin lost her CNN New Years Eve show as a result of the stunt, and has also had a number of bookings canceled. As for Ted Nugent, he hasn’t yet apologized. Instead, he’s been invited to the White House by Donald Trump, and is a frequent guest on Fox News.


Donald Trump and Ted Nugent in the Oval Office earlier this year.

And before anyone suggest that Griffin’s offense was more grave because she had props, Griffin is a comedian, Nugent is not. Griffin was telling a bad joke; Ted Nugent sounded deadly serious, and to this day sticks by his comments. If I were the Secret Service, I’d be far more worried about NRA poster-boy Ted Nugent’s apparently-serious repeated calls for the deaths of presidents and first ladies than I would a comedian making one dumb, albeit pretty horrid, joke, for which she apologized.

And what’s more, Nugent reiterated his hideous comments yesterday, once again calling for Hillary Clinton to be put to death. And he apparently meant it.

More Ted Nugent wisdom:

NRA board member Nugent: America might be better had South won the Civil War.
Ted Nugent likes to use the n-word.
Ted Nugent has called President Obama “a piece of sh*t.”
Ted Nugent thinks Nancy Pelosi is “sub-human” and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a “brain-dead idiot.”
Ted Nugent has called Hillary Clinton the c-word, a b*tch and a wh*re.
And big surprise, NRA board member Ted Nugent has a problem with gays too.

So the question arises, why did Donald Trump invite Nugent to the White House? And why did White House press secretary Sean Spicer refuse to condemn Nugent this week when asked? And why hasn’t the Trump family have anything to say about Ted Nugent calling for Hillary Clinton’s death yesterday? They had no problem speaking out about Kathy Griffin, but suddenly Melania and Donald are silent when it comes to other political assassinations.

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