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Donald Trump’s America is not my America

And just when you think America can’t be any more offensive, it offends you even more.

I got a call the other day from a close childhood friend who is currently serving time in federal prison. He’s 11 years in on a 27-year bid, to be exact. No weapons, no shoot-outs, no dangling people out of a window­; he didn’t live like Scarface. His time stems from petty drug charges.

“Yo! D. Watk,” he said, “thanks for the pictures, bro! How you holding up?”

“I’m cool, brother, maintaining, out here trippin’ off of this Trump guy.”

“Yo, what he do now?” he replied.

It’s funny how our incarcerated family wakes up to the same questions about our president as those of us on the outside. What did he do now? Is America gone yet, are we still a country?

“So, check this out,” I said. “Let’s say Trump ran a dope strip, right. He’s the boss and a bunch of his key underbosses and workers already got indicted, copped out, or admitted their wrongdoing to the feds. Man, his old campaign chairman Paul Manafort and deputy Richard Gates are fighting accusations of money laundering and tax fraud, and his former national security advisor Michael Flynn and campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos have both pleaded guilty to lying to the feds!”

“Oh, the feds don’t play,” he laughed. “So basically what you saying is Trump about to go down this week? He coming inside here with me? Oh bro, I’mma steal his wig.”

“No!” I laughed. “That’s the crazy part!”

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