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Donald Trump ‘very, very happy’ with Comey testimony: ‘No collusion, no obstruction’

President Trump said Friday the testimony of fired FBI Director James B. Comey exonerated him of accusations that he tried to pressure Mr. Comey to drop any investigations or demanded loyalty from him.

“Yesterday showed no collusion, no obstruction,” Mr. Trump said in a White House press conference in the Rose Garden.

He said the Russia allegations of collusion with his campaign officials were “just an excuse” raised by Democrats who were angry at losing the election.

“We were very, very happy” with Mr. Comey’s testimony, Mr. Trump said. “Frankly, James Comey confirmed a lot of what I said.”

“I hardly know the man,” Mr. Trump said. “Who would ask him to pledge allegiance?”

Asked if there were tape recordings of his conversations with Mr. Comey, the president said he would reveal that soon.

“You’ll be very disappointed in the answer,” he said.

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