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Donald Trump To Hide Money In Cheeseburgers? Wonkagenda for Friday, December 9, 2016

That’s how they’ve always done. Except, back in the day, the unions fought for immigrants and lazy socialists – not for hard working American whites. Still, people organized in the face of propaganda branding unions as criminal syndicates and treacherous conspiracies, and in the face of violence.

Sometimes I think that people in those days were just crazy brave. But also I think that working conditions were so bad that being branded a traitor or getting beat up by private mercenaries wasn’t much worse than what they had to endure every day at work. They had, as Marx said, nothing to lose but their chains.

Since those days, corporate interests learned that workers need to feel a bit more invested in the system, so that they have more to lose than just their chains. But it seems that the corporate interests have dedicated fewer resources to this project in recent decades.

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