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Donald Trump sends ‘landing parties’ to federal agencies to prepare handover

President-elect Donald Trump deployed “landing teams” Thursday to prepare the handover of federal agencies, said transition team officials, first focusing on those responsible for national security and then expanding to other departments.

The teams focused on national security will go to work Thursday at the Defense Department, State Department, National Security Council and the Department of Justice, said Trump spokesman Sean Spicer.

He said the teams were divided into three “buckets” of agencies: national security, economic and domestic.

“The next wave is the economic landing team,” Mr. Spicer told reporters in a conference call.

Mr. Trump has been criticized for the slow progress of the transition team, including waiting a week after the election to make contact with federal agencies. The announcement of the “landing parties” appeared designed to answer those critics.

The transition team also announced that it would be providing daily updates on its progress.

“We’re working seven-days-a-week here to get ready for inauguration,” said transition team spokesman Jason Miller.

The economic team is expected to arrive within days at the Treasury, Commerce Department, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Small Business Administration and the Social Security Administration.

The final team will fan out across domestic agencies, including the departments of Interior, Agriculture, Homeland Security, Energy, Labor, Transportation, Education and Health and Human Services.

At that time, transition teams members will also focus on independent federal agencies, such as the Office of Management and Budget, General Services Administration, Federal Trade Commission and NASA.

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