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Donald Trump ridiculed on Twitter after proclaiming his “tremendous respect for women”

Wednesday is International Women’s Day, meaning that it’s time to pledge support, love and respect for women, who make the American economy move.

President Donald Trump is also chiming in, because, of course, there’s nobody that has more respect for women than he does. Trump took to Twitter, naturally, to express his support, in a tweet that does not sound like Trump’s voice whatsoever.

Trump’s tweets have been meet by people wondering if Trump really does have “tremendous respect for women.”

Because Trump has such a long and storied history on the social site, his previous opinions about women in the workforce were pretty easy to bring up.

Haig was referring to this tweet by Trump in 2013:

Outside the social media world, reactions aren’t much better.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., trashed the president on MSNBC on Wednesday. “Talk is cheap, put your money where your mouth is,” she said. “Give us some of the rules and regulations that will be helpful to this economy, helpful to women, helpful to our families, helpful to our communities. Don’t support something like that an Affordable Care Act amendment that’s going to drive up costs and cut coverage. Don’t support deregulation of giant financial institutions. That’s not going to help women. That’s not going to help anyone in this country except those who have already become billionaires.”

There seems to be at least one silver lining this International Women’s Day. As CNN and NPR have reported, more women are running for office than ever before, and are getting more and more involved in fighting for their rights — and that’s partly because of Donald Trump’s win.

Katie Serena.

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