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Donald Trump Jr. insists that he has had “zero contact” with his father

At a GOP fundraiser in Dallas over the weekend, Donald Trump Jr. revealed that he and his brother Eric Trump no longer maintain communications with their father. Since assuming control of the Trump Organization in the wake of President Trump’s electoral victory, the two sons have had to avoid contact with their father in order to assuage concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

“I basically have zero contact with him at this point,” Trump Jr. said in a speech on Saturday, seemingly forgetting the time he attended his father’s press conference announcing Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination.

In January, the president announced at a press conference that he was transferring control of his company to his sons. Government ethics officials were quick to condemn Trump’s plan as wholly inadequate. Norman Eisen, former White House ethics czar under President Obama, argued at the time that it would not resolve potential conflicts of interest.

In order to withstand scandal and corruption, Trump’s plan required a Chinese Wall that would prevent any and all contact between the president and the Trump Organization. It would also necessitate Trump’s sons to get out of the politics game.

“I thought I was out of politics after Election Day and [would] get back to my regular life and my family,” Trump Jr. said Saturday. “But I couldn’t.”

“Deals are still exciting,” he added. “But when you’re the sort of guy out there every day, 24-7, fighting in this thing — it’s like a great fight.”

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Taylor Link.

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