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Did McCain just save Obamacare?

John McCain shocked everyone yesterday (Friday, September 22) by saying he won’t be voting for the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal Obamacare next week.

Specifically, McCain reiterated his earlier concerns that the Senate shouldn’t pass legislation that doesn’t follow the regular order — meaning, having committee hearings first, committee votes, and a full Congressional Budget Office analysis of what the bill will actually do to premiums, benefits, and the number of uninsured.

In our latest podcast, taped late last night, Cliff Schecter and I talk through what McCain’s announcement means, whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is dead for now — and even if it is, whether Zombie Repeal can come back again any time soon.

You can listen to this episode below, or on iTunes — and you can subscribe to our premium podcast episodes, which put about half of our episodes behind a paywall — on Patreon.

And here’s a 5-minute snippet below of our earlier podcast, also taped yesterday, before we knew got word that McCain had dropped. Most of it is Obamacare, but we also talk about Russia and a few other topics in the news. You can listen to the entire hour-long episode by subscribing here for only $ 5 per month.

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