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Deleted Comments: Are All You Diversity Supremacists Inbread Or Just Jewish?

Why so mean to Hitler, huh?

Oh, what a lovely little Shitferbrains we have for you today, Wonkers! It’s full of some of the most original trolling we’ve ever seen, and… OK, actually, it’s the same derp as ever, albeit with at one new attempt at trying to be clever. We should know better than to lie to you.

Our piece on white supremacists running for Congress brought one big cri de butthurt from “Wildmonk,” who happens to know that race is the most important thing ever, because only white people have ever accomplished anything of note. And yes, here is a neologism that’s sure to replace “snowflake” and Social Justice Warrior” in the rightwing lexicon as an insult for “sane people who think racism is bad”:

What evidence do Whites have a White minority US will be safer, wealthier, and more united than now? None. Why? Most people know races are not interchangeable.

Most Whites pretend diversity is a strength to avoid being called a racist.

Most non whites flock to White majority countries because whites build the more desirable societies.

Diversity supremacists like the OP. hate these kinds of people, putting good intentions before results. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and ignorance of racial differences.

“Diversity supremacists” is really quite a beautiful bit of bafflegab, don’t you think? And by golly, what’s really ruining America isn’t would-be fascists, but rather all the fearful white people who are afraid of being called racists, because they haven’t yet had their eyes opened by the simple truth of The Turner Diaries.

Also, “wildmonk” had an infallible answer to someone who said he was spouting “lies and bullshit:”

You know they are so true it hurts. Don’t lie and deny it.

See, it takes a superior white intellect to come up with a smart riposte like that.

When somebody mentioned that nonsense in the US Constitution about everyone being equal before the law, he smartly pointed out that “Whites founded and built the US and wrote the Constitution.” Inevitably, someone went and pointed out that whites sure used a hell of a lot of unpaid labor in the building of the USA, but he handwaved away slavery as just a bad habit Europeans were tricked into by Africans, then explained that surely the United Nations is on his side, as is a company that sells genetic testing kits on cable TV, and if that isn’t science, then what is?

Blacks sold their own into slavery.

Race is real. Non whites know that. The UN even has anti genocide laws. 23&me DNA testing tells you white percent race you are.

And of course, some wag had to go and point out another thing whites built: the Third Reich. “Wildmonk” was ready for that one!

Hitler built a racially united, wealthy, no unemployment nation. Then dumb gentiles bought into the Jewish lie national socialism is evil.

Upshot? Look at the west now. Dying due to massive non white immigration.

Inevitably, that led to his explaining that the Holocaust was simultaneously fictional, not as bad as other slaughters, and a good idea that was never completed. In fact even mentioning it is so gauche that you idiots are laughably naive:

Oy vey. You probably believe six trillion Jews died too. Lol.

But you never mentioned Stalin’s willing executioners (Jews) who slaughtered 20 million white Christians.

When someone pointed out that was bullshit, he was so amused he called them a “Jewish supremacist.” See what he did there? He turned that Diversity Supremacist slur right around once again to castigate those who wronged him! Surely his superior intellect bodes well for his chances at getting his wife’s stepfather’s second wife betwixt the sheets. On the bed, or at the cross burning.

Finally, there was “Whiteprivatebluecollarworker,” who was simply disgusted that anyone would object to John Kelly’s explanation that immigrants trying to enter America are simply not the good kind of illiterate peasants his own ancestors were:

You pay for them yourselfs a wipes! Just because someone breaths air and shows up on my back porch doesn’t mean I am responsible for them. Really, do not we have problems of a mass class of illiterates in the country already who by all fault of their own are of inferior intelligence? Why on earth do we need to import some inbread 7th century desert cult people into a modern historical Christian 1st world country?

We have to confess, his dainty avoidance of writing “asswipes” is easily the best thing about that comment, although we’re also charmed by his disgust at the huge class of illiterate dumbasses already in this country — like perhaps the sort of people whose comments on blogs are full of errors. And then of course there’s his contrast of filthy savages who are unworthy of living in a Christian country.

Nicely done, “Whiteprivatebluecollarworker”! You certainly have an excellent understanding of who deserves to live in a modern historical Christian 1st world country! Just to see what other wisdom he might share, we glanced at “Whiteprivatebluecollarworker’s” comment history, and saw he’d written this pearl just yesterday at Breitbart:

Please tell me how a Federal court has any jurisdiction on the executive branch? Last time I read the constitution, only the Supreme Court and Congress are co-equal. If the Congress and the executive over rule the Judicial, that is how it is supposed to work.

It’s times like this that we sort of wish True Patriots like this guy had to pass the test given to folks seeking naturalized citizenship.

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