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Defying the douche on important matters

Trump's insane management of American politics is simply a manifestation of where America's mindset has been for decades. Our way or the highway. Well, America, we're all on that highway now, and you're welcome to wander aimlessly on the backroads for the next few decades.


Yeah… this is just Trump's personal vendetta to wipe out everything the Obama administration did. Still, it's good to see some states and cities ignoring the moron and continuing the effort on their own. And good that all other countries are seeing that not all Americans are following his idiotic, selfish decisions:


Here's the conservative scheme of taking away the federal government's power and putting it in the hands of the states backfiring. Turns out, there's still some avenue by which America can accomplish vital goals and bypass the president's unpopular decisions. I can only hope that with the majority of cities and states participating in the Paris accord America as a country can save face despite the president's best efforts to the contrary. The only problem is that a lot of states have Republican governors, many of whom either actively ignore or deny climate change (for the record, Florida governor Rick Skeletor made it illegal for government employees -including teachers and park employees – to say the words "climate change" or "global warming") and would sooner endorse a non-Republican than join the Paris accord.

The thing is, most Americans understand man-made climate change is the greatest threat facing us today. Republicans are out of the loop on this. Yes, they jerrymandered districts and insalled R. govenors and own the federal government, but they are at grave odds with the majority and, more importantly, with facts. The forces of nature don't give a damn about "fake news" or politics. Lies have no power to change that, so either we change or life as we know it, or the civilization we depend on for our existence will cease to be. At least for a little while yet, the choice is ours.

Source: Talk politics.

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