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Croatian Island Wants Tourists Who Don’t Behave Badly

Katia Zaninovic Dawnay, 57, works for a real estate firm and said it had become unpleasant in the summer to wander the old town and step over the recumbent bodies.

“Nobody wants to wake up and find that your doorway has been pissed on, excuse my English,” Ms. Dawnay said. “Or even worse.”

Tourists have been coming to Hvar since the creation of the Hygenic Association of Hvar in 1868 spurred a rapid rise in hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities. But it has taken more than a century for the island to recognize that perhaps not all forms of tourism are equal.

“The idea isn’t to have so many people,” Ms. Dawnay said. “The idea is to have fewer people who spend more money.”

Many of the hostels and most of the restaurants and cafes have joined the crusade to improve behavior on the island.

Senka Halebic, 31, the spokeswoman for Hula Hula, one of the most popular beach clubs, said she has seen an improvement since the mayor’s campaign began.

“This new generation that’s coming in, who come to rollick, who come to drink cheap alcohol, we don’t want that type of clientele,” she said.

“When someone comes to Hvar, they expect a cultured, quality town,” Ms. Halebic said. “These folks sleep in hostels, drink alcohol out of bottles around town. Some exclusive guest in his large yacht doesn’t want to see young drunks sleeping on the pier in the morning.”

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