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Cory Booker: Canada, Trudeau are ‘out-Americaning us’ during Trump era

Sen. Cory Booker says that Canada as a whole and its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are in the process of “out-Americaning” the United States during the Trump administration.

The New Jersey Democrat told an audience at at Allen University in South Carolina this week that a lack of “universal pre-school” and “paid-family leave” in the U.S. constitutes bad “Americaning.”

“I can’t stand how they’re out-Americaning us in Canada,” he said Thursday, NTK reported. “Trudeau? Give me a break. It costs about six to seven percent median income to go to college. What does it cost in America? Fifty-two percent of median income. Why are other nations out-Americaning us? Why are they out-investing infrastructure the way we used to? Why are they out-investing in research and development the way we used to? Why are they out-investing in education the way we used to? Why are they universal pre-school and we’re not? Why are they doing paid family leave and we’re not?”

Mr. Booker then said that his preferred policies were not being explored because they build “a great economy for everybody.”

“[Other nations are] trying to beat us to the future when we used to lead in America,” he said.

Conservative author Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire called the Democrat’s claims “laughable at best.”

“A new report that was released this week from the World Economic Forum that showed that the United States has the world’s most competitive economy, a spot that the U.S. has not held since 2008,” writer Ryan Saavedra noted Thursday evening.

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