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Conspiracy galore!

Two pieces of conspiracy, first the more obvious one:

Trump Begins To Move 370 Elite Troops From Russia To Protect His Life And Family

Putinite trolls rejoice! According to "trusted external sources" (apparently, the new code-name for the hybrid-war means for mass disinformation), US president-elect Trump no longer trusts his own country's security services with his life, so he's now going to move some super-duper-soldiers trained in the KGB/GRU camps of Mother Russia, to protect his security from the love of his exultant compatriots.

But that is not all! Further down the same article, we learn that Trump believes the nation-state is the true foundation for happiness and harmony (despite the lessons of the last two centuries that the nation-states have provided in ample quantity), and that globalism is the bane of humankind. Exactly how he'd protect his nation with the supposed help of the above mentioned foreign super-troops, remains a mystery that the presumably smart authors of this non-news have somehow omitted to elaborate on. But never mind. Skipping all the ensuing standard Illuminati-related stuff, and moving right on to the next piece of news, which at least sounds like its somewhat based on fact (or is it??)

Obama Signs Law Protecting Atheists from Religious Persecution

At long last! The closet Muslim atheist has revealed his true colors. It only makes sense that a president would wait for the final weeks of their tenure to show what they're truly about, since they no longer have to give a damn about what people think of them, or about ratings, re-election and any such jazz. So what does the Kenyan-in-chief do as one of his final acts of executive power? Empower atheists, that's what. Check-mate, Jesus! 😉

His rationale? (Quote) "The freedom of thought, conscience, and religion is understood to protect theistic and non-theistic beliefs and the right not to profess or practice any religion." — Sounds sooo much like Satanism in disguise! Oops, did I say Satanism? But isn't Satan also a deity? Obama was supposed to be an atheist, right? Except for when he's being a Muslim, that is. [Enter Trump-tweet mode] *Confusing And Saaad!*

Anyway; Happy Holidays everyone! (Hah, did you see what I did there? Being the sneaky little robot atheist that I am). And may a giant orb of hydrogen and helium with a mass of 1.989 * 10^30 kg illuminate your day amidst the vast cold emptiness of -273.15C! Remember that America the God-chosen nation is going to be made great again sometime in the near future, and that miracles happen only around Christmas! Well, they may be happening elsewhere and to someone else, granted, but at least you should remember that they are happening! Probably. Maybe. Certainly.

Source: Talk politics.

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