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Christie’s executive order: What’s shut down and what isn’t

Gov. Chris Christie’s executive order declaring a state of emergency amid a state government shutdown essentially strips the government down to its most essential functions — maintaining public safety and critical infrastructure.

That means the State Police, correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers, veterans homes, psychiatric hospitals and state-operated residential facilities will continue to operate.

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Those responsible for disease prevention and control, public health, food safety, hazardous materials, and protection of property and those responsible for the Department of Children and Families and transportation safety functions, will also continue to work.

Environmental emergency response and enforcement officials, emergency and disaster response activities will be maintained.

Lotteries, casinos and racetracks will remain open. The state will also continue to operate essential information technology functions.

Christie’s order, which was issued shortly after the state failed to meet its budget deadline, calls for the head of each department and agency to identify core staff needed to function according to a set of criteria laid out by the governor.

It instructs the state treasurer to identify and make payments that are either required by federal law or could lead the state to default on its general obligation bonds.

All other state functions, including public parks, beaches and motor vehicle offices will be closed.

All employees not deemed essential, which numbers in the tens of thousands, are furloughed as of Saturday.

A copy of Christie’s full executive order can be read here.

Source: POLITICO – TOP Stories

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