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Chris Christie slams Ted Cruz’s comments on Superstorm Sandy relief funding

Gov. Chris Christie blasted Sen. Ted Cruz Tuesday night for claiming the Superstorm Sandy relief package didn’t have much funding for relief victims.

“What was wrong was for Ted Cruz to exploit the disaster for political gain — that’s what he was doing,” Mr. Christie, New Jersey Republican, said on MSNBC.

“What I said at the time was, ‘Someday it will come to Texas.’ It just does. If you have a coastal area, a disaster will come to you. When it does, I’m going to promise him that New Jersey Congress people will stand up and do the right thing,” he added.

In 2013, Mr. Cruz and fellow Texas Sen. John Cornyn voted against the Superstorm Sandy relief package for a number of extra items thrown in the bill. They initially supported the funding package prior to the additions. Sandy devastated much of the coastline of Mr. Christie’s home state in 2012.

Mr. Christie’s comments come as Texas tries to clean up in the aftermath of tropical storm Harvey. President Trump has already signed a disaster relief proclamation that allows the state access to federal resources. The storm has now made a second landfall off the coast of Louisiana. It is expected to weaken as it continues north.

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