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CBO: Newest GOP Obamacare repeal bill causes 32m more uninsured, doubles premiums

The House GOP Obamacare repeal plan will cause 23 million more Americans to be uninsured.

The first Senate GOP Obamacare repeal plan would cause 22 million more Americans to be uninsured.

And the newest Senate GOP Obamacare repeal plan, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis just released, would cause a whopping 32 million more Americans to be without insurance.

According to CBO, the number of uninsured would jump 17 million by next year, increase to 27 million in three years, and reach 32 million by 2026.

It’s just as bad news about premiums, which would increase an additional 25% next year, an additional 50% by 2020, and double (more than they would have under Obamacare) by 2026.

What’s more, CBO says that under the new Republican plan three-quarters of the US population would end up living in an area without insurance at all for people buying insurance on their own. This is particularly relevant as the Republicans have been complaining non-stop about Obamacare causing insurers to leave the market. And their own plan is even worse.

At this point, they’re not even trying.

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