09232020What's Hot:

Deleted Comments: You Dumb Libs Mocked A Nazi, So Now Segregation’s Back Forever

We bet the guy who wrote to us is more of a polo shirt, khakis, and tiki torch type, tho. Yr Wonkette got a visit from a very smart white nationalist this week, and we are sorry to say we did not engage him in substantial debate, so unfortunately, [...]

Elizabeth Warren Just Might Have A Shot At Reelection

Donald Trump struggles with “God Bless America.” Elizabeth Warren can lip-synch “Come To My Window” Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that Elizabeth Warren is actually a first-term US senator. She’s been such an influential figure, [...]
Please, Keith Davidson, Tell Us More About How Michael Avenatti Has BESMIRCHED YOUR HONOR!
Keith Davidson CALL YOUR LAWYER Time for another episode of the your favorite Law Porn Procedural, starring Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen and Keith Davidson. Don’t panic, Cohen and Davidson will keep their clothes on! And [...]
Wallflower Trump So Sad Prince Putin Can’t Escort Him To The G7 Ball
He looks so stank Donald Trump headed to the G7 summit in Canada today, and boy oh boy was he in rare form before he left. Trump is so sick of Canada and our European allies’ bullshit, and by bullshit, he means he’s got tariffs on his [...]
HEY-O, IT’S MUELLER TIME! Starring Paul Manafort! Again! LOL!
OH HEY FRIDAY! Just when we thought this was just going to be a super fucking shitty day with no good news, Robert Mueller dropped YET ANOTHER superseding indictment on top of Paul Manafort’s ass, to go with his earlier request this week [...]
Jeanine Pirro Making Us Take Jeff Sessions’s Side In A Fight Again, DAMMIT!
Judge Jeanine Pirro attempting the human facial expression known as a “smile.” The Fox News “Designer Imposter Judge” Jeanine Pirro is advocating hard for her next big job, even using her current faux news job to do it: Jeanine Pirro [...]
Democrats Launch Bill To Stop Family Separation, Goddamn It
At Auschwitz, mothers and children were kept together when they went to the gas chambers. Let that sink in. While the ACLU moves forward with its class action lawsuit to end Donald Trump’s family separation policy, Senate Democrats are stepping [...]
We’re Sure Trump DOJ Had Really Good Reason For Spying On New York Times Reporter, YOU BETCHA!
The leaker-in-chief, in the flesh. How is everyone doing? Did you do Robyn’s extensive self-care skincare regimen, and now you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to take on the day? Good, because everything is falling the fuck apart. James [...]
Elizabeth Warren, Cory Gardner Want Bong Hits 4 America. Whoa, Bipartisanship!
Did you ever think Cary Grant was running all over the top of your head, man? Just in time for summertime election season, two big important US senators are introducing yet another bipartisan national weed bill, although this one isn’t out [...]
Gun-Lovin’ Idiot Challenges David Hogg To Good Old-Fashioned ARM RASSLIN’ MATCH!
Kaitlin Bennett makes a case against higher education. The 15 minutes for Kaitlin Bennett started ticking once she decided to pose for her Kent State graduation photos with an AR-10 death machine strapped to her back like someone unfortunate [...]