02262020What's Hot:

Special election will fill seat of convicted west Philly Dem

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Voters in a west Philadelphia district will choose a new state representative on Tuesday to replace a freshman lawmaker who resigned after being accused of stealing from a nonprofit she founded. The election between [...]

7 killed in New Delhi protests ahead of Trump’s visit

NEW DELHI (AP) – At least seven people, including a police officer, were killed and dozens were injured in clashes between hundreds of supporters and opponents of a new citizenship law in India that provides fast-track naturalization [...]

Tom Steyer defensive in equating climate warrior stance, flyer ‘overkill’

Tom Steyer was put on the defensive Monday after a voter pressed him on how he can bill himself as a climate warrior at the same time that he is flooding the mailboxes and doorsteps of South Carolina voters with an “overkill” of campaign [...]

House Democrats Jamie Raskin, Judy Chu say FBI too tough on friendly Chinese visitors

The feds have arrested and/or convicted a slew of Chinese nationals on charges of stealing intellectual property from U.S. businesses, but a pair of top House Democrats balk that the FBI is too tough on friendly visitors from China. Reps. Jamie [...]

Activists with assault rifles stir fears at Nebraska Capitol

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – Some Nebraska lawmakers expressed shock and outrage Monday that gun owners were allowed to bring loaded, semi-automatic rifles into the state Capitol to protest bills that would have imposed new restrictions on gun [...]

Governor expects to sign ban on 3D guns and ‘ghost guns’

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – Rhode Island’s governor said Monday she plans to sign legislation to ban 3D-printed guns and so-called ghost guns that are untraceable. The General Assembly is expected to soon send the legislation to Democratic [...]

Crackdown on immigrants who use public benefits takes effect

PHOENIX (AP) – Pastor Antonio Velasquez says that before the Trump administration announced a crackdown on immigrants using government social services, people lined up before sunrise outside a state office in a largely Latino Phoenix [...]

Donald Trump says Democratic Party leaders won’t let Bernie Sanders win the nomination

President Trump said Monday that Democratic Party leaders will “take away” their party’s nomination from Sen. Benard Sanders, the socialist front-runner whose victories in early states are alarming establishment Democrats. “They are [...]

‘Public charge’ rule linking welfare use to green card chances take effect

Conservatives have been trying for decades to create an immigration system that rewards immigrants who won’t be a burden on society and discourages those who will. The Trump administration is taking a major step toward that goal Monday when [...]

Former French prime minister and wife go on trial for fraud

PARIS (AP) – He could have been president of France. Instead, former Prime Minister Francois Fillon is going on trial to face fraud charges after he used public funds to richly pay his wife and children for work they allegedly never performed. The [...]