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Watch: Katy Tur Reveals Trump Kissed Her Without Consent (Details)
Right now, sexual misconduct is dominating the news cycle. For whatever reason, Harvey Weinstein’s case opened the floodgates, and countless women have now felt empowered to out their harassers in public on social media. Read More Source: [...]
Breaking: Trump Cabinet Member Caught In Russia Scandal
Source: https://ourvoiceny.com/trump-cabinet-member-caught-russia-scandal/ President Trump’s commerce secretary Wilbur Ross, a key member of Trump’s cabinet, was just caught sharing business interests with Russian President Vladimir [...]
Donald Trump Expects To Meet With Vladimir Putin During Asia Visit
Source: https://ourvoiceny.com/donald-trump-expects-meet-vladimir-putin-asia-visit/ President Donald Trump said Sunday that he expects to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Asia visit. “I think it’s expected [...]

Zionist jews are behind Gun Control in America.

Originally posted by lorddreadnought at Zionist jews are behind Gun Control in America. Most U.S. Federal gun control legislation has been written, introduced, and sponsored by Jewish Congressmen and Jewish Senators. Here are the Jews who [...]
Ошибка резидента. Или как сесть в лужу на ровном месте.
Здравствуйте мои дорогие! Ну что вы, как жизнь, настроение? Да, понимаю, позитива в наше время не так и много. У меня его тоже почти нет, [...]
Hi there, folks! It's official. The day has come for the exodus. As announced here a couple weeks ago, Talk Politics will now be moving to DreamWidth, along with all its members, posts, comments and all activity. The new place is here: https://talkpolitics.dreamwidth.org/ Most [...]
The new fad on these very Interwebz
Last Friday offtopic on LJ's version of TP, heh! Anyway… Here's the latest fad on the Internet. And it takes years to make. Or rather just a minute, plus an old photo of yours with your friends or family… Five guys take same [...]
Grill baby grill
Hundreds of men, captured in raids against Al Qaeda extremists, have disappeared into a secret network of prisons in South Yemen, where torture and abuse is the norm and people are subjected to horrible forms of "interrogation", AP [...]
US health-care, a showcase of free-market failure
One of the problems with America is that EVERYTHING is for profit. Some services like health, public schools, and prisons should be provided by the state. There is simply no other way. Trickle-down economics and the invisible hand of the infallible [...]
People are freaking out about LJ these days…
…And perhaps for a reason. Maybe not exactly the right reason on this instance, but the reason we all want to believe we should be freaking out for. Do bear with me. See, LJ seemed to have stopped working for some folks yesterday – [...]