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How Trump Turned Liberal Comedians Conservative

Joanna Weiss is a writer in Boston and the editor of Experience magazine. */ ]]> President Donald Trump likes to think of himself as a statesman, an author, an A-level negotiator, but at heart, he’s one thing: an insult comic. Every [...]

Who owns the moon?

*/ ]]> Back in 1980, a former ventriloquist and car salesman named Dennis Hope was out of work, going through a divorce and struggling to make ends meet. As he tells it, he was driving along wondering what he could do for cash flow when [...]

Trump campaign zeroes in on a new threat: Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is enjoying a renaissance after a painful campaign rollout, engineering her turnaround with litany of policy plans, a nonstop campaign schedule, and a populist message. | Paul Sancya/AP Photo Share on Facebook [...]

Drumbeat of Iran war grows louder as Trump ratchets up pressure

President Donald Trump said Friday that if Iran attempted to choke off the strategic Strait of Hormuz “it’s not going to be closed for long and they know it.” | Alex Wong/Getty Images Foreign Policy The Trump administration [...]

‘You have to know how to hit a curveball’: Trump’s Pentagon choice fights to win over doubters

Pat Shanahan believes he’s set to be named Defense Secretary, but his reputation as the “Boeing guy” is hard to shake. | M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> The knocks on President [...]

DNC, NBC announce first debate lineups

The debates will air June 26 and 27 on NBC and Telemundo affiliates across the country, along with MSNBC on cable. | POLITICO Illustration/Getty Images 2020 Elections The field of 20 candidates has been randomly split into two groups [...]

The winners — and losers — of the Democratic debate draw

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was left out of the debate featuring most of the other top-polling candidates — but viewership of the first debate is expected to be high no matter who is participating. | Sergio Flores/Getty Images Share on Facebook [...]

The Sarah Sanders replacement sweepstakes begins

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Thursday that she did not formally recommend a successor to the president when she told him she was resigning as press secretary. | Alex Wong/Getty Images White House President Donald Trump has [...]

Trump goes on Fox to clean up his foreign interference comments

The president has moved into damage control mode after an interview in which he scoffed at the notion of reporting revelations of damaging information from a foreign source to U.S. authorities. | Alex Wong/Getty Images Share on Facebook [...]

The Escalator Ride That Changed America

Michael Kruse is a senior staff writer for Politico. */ ]]> Four years ago, Donald Trump stepped onto an escalator in the atrium of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York and began descending into a lobby packed with cameras. It’s [...]