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With latest executive orders, Trump gets approval from his golf club crowd

*/ ]]> BEDMINSTER, N.J. — As White House negotiators and Democrats tried — and failed — to reach a deal that could help the millions of Americans who are unemployed and facing evictions, the man who calls himself a master dealmaker [...]

Shortages threaten Trump’s plan for rapid coronavirus tests

*/ ]]> The Trump administration is gambling that a new generation of fast, cheap coronavirus tests can bring the U.S. outbreak under control. The challenge now is getting enough of these tests to pursue that strategy. The rapid antigen [...]

The Black, Millennial Mayor Who Tore Down His City’s White Monuments

*/ ]]> RICHMOND, Va. — At noon on June 2, more than a thousand people thronged the plaza outside City Hall to hold the young mayor to account. The night before, protesters had gathered in front of an equestrian statue of Confederate [...]

Trump’s eviction ban would leave most tenants in peril

Housing advocates say the only way to ensure people can stay in their homes is to provide rental assistance payments — an idea that’s gaining traction even with some Republicans. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images */ ]]> President Donald [...]

Criticism and constitutional issues greet Trump’s executive orders

*/ ]]> Democratic leaders on Sunday panned President Donald Trump’s executive actions on coronavirus relief as unconstitutional and unworkable, suggesting that top negotiators need to reach a legislative compromise despite broken [...]

Republicans called her videos ‘appalling’ and ‘disgusting.’ But they’re doing little to stop her.

*/ ]]> House GOP leaders raced to disavow a Republican congressional candidate who made racist Facebook videos and embraced the QAnon conspiracy theory. But less than two months later, the party has done little to block Marjorie Taylor [...]

How ‘San Francisco Democrats’ Took Over the Country

*/ ]]> Not too long ago, the term “San Francisco Democrat” was shorthand for out-of-touch liberalism, a lefty fringe that was often on the losing end of the seesaw in its own state’s politics, which were dominated by Southern [...]

The Man Determined to Deliver Trump’s Alaskan Oil Promise

*/ ]]> Later this year, the Trump administration is expected to fulfill a decadeslong Republican dream. The Department of the Interior will likely sell the first leases for oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, [...]

Trump extends student loan relief through year’s end

President Donald Trump speaks on Saturday. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo */ ]]> President Donald Trump on Saturday signed an executive order continuing the pause on monthly payments and interest for many federal student loan borrowers [...]

Trump announces executive actions to provide economic relief after stimulus talks broke down

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky */ ]]> President Donald Trump announced he would move forward with multiple executive actions designed to provide relief to millions of financially struggling Americans after talks between his aides and [...]