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France Debates How to Rebuild Notre-Dame, Weighing History and Modernity

PARIS — The ashes have barely settled from the devastating fire that tore through the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, but even as France paid tribute on Thursday to the firefighters who saved the structure and its relics, there was [...]

Battle for .amazon Domain Pits Retailer Against South American Nations

The countries challenging the retailer, however, said they wanted shared governance of the .amazon domain, to protect the name and to ensure they will have a say in how it is used in the future. “We would like to be able to raise objections [...]

North Korea’s State-Run Economy Falters Under Sanctions, Testing Elite Loyalty

Is the Party Over? Despite introducing some limited market-friendly reforms, Mr. Kim has not abandoned the centrally planned economic system, which would undermine the legitimacy of the Kim dynasty that has ruled North Korea since its [...]

North Korea’s Latest Weapons Test: Short in Range but Long in Message

By testing a short-range tactical weapon, North Korea is playing its cards cautiously, analysts said. Mr. Kim can raise pressure on Washington with such a test but still be able to claim that he has not reneged on the moratorium. Karl [...]

Dueling Popes? Maybe. Dueling Views in a Divided Church? Definitely.

Pope Francis dropped in again this week on his predecessor, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, wishing him happy birthday “with particular affection” in a now familiar showing of white-cloaked cordiality. But behind the friendly visit, [...]

In Polarized Venezuela, Red Cross Grapples With Aid Distribution

CARACAS, Venezuela — Hundreds of Red Cross volunteers sifted through donated medication, hygiene kits and surgical material in warehouses across Caracas, Venezuela, on Wednesday, as aid workers began to grapple with the challenges [...]

The Chaplain, the Cathedral Fire and the Race to Rescue Notre-Dame’s Relics

PARIS — By the time the Paris Fire Department’s chaplain made his way inside Notre-Dame, flames had already consumed most of the cathedral’s roof and its spire had smashed onto the nave. But the flames had yet to reach many of [...]

North Korea Tests New Weapon, State News Agency Says

WASHINGTON — North Korea said on Thursday that it test-fired a new type of “tactical guided weapon,” in what appeared to be a warning from Kim Jong-un to President Trump that unless once-promising negotiations with Washington [...]

Kabul Dispatch: ‘Memory Boxes’ Offer Poignant Reminders of Afghan Lives Lost to Violence

KABUL, Afghanistan — A brother’s sandals. A flag of Afghanistan. A daughter’s favorite toy. These are some of the remnants of lives lost to violence. The prosaic belongings, collected in handmade wooden containers, are displayed [...]

As Rich Lavish Cash on Notre-Dame, Many Ask: What About the Needy?

PARIS — The pledges came in quick succession. François-Henri Pinault, France’s second-richest man, put up an eye-popping 100 million euros to rebuild Notre-Dame, just as firefighters were dousing the last flames at the cathedral [...]