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Australia Recognizes West Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

SYDNEY, Australia — Australia announced on Saturday that it now recognizes West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and will move its Tel Aviv embassy once a peace settlement is reached. “Australia now recognizes West Jerusalem, being [...]

The Canadians Detained in China: an Ex-Diplomat and a Daring ‘Fixer’

MONTREAL — One was a self-fashioned fixer in North Korea who had met that country’s enigmatic leader, Kim Jong-un, and drank Long Island iced teas with him on his private yacht. The other was an experienced diplomat and Sinophile [...]

Turkey Threatens Incursion Into Syria, Raising U.S. Concerns

ISTANBUL — The Turkish president is threatening to mount a new incursion into northern Syria, accusing the United States of failing to tackle the security threats Turkey faces in the region. Turkish commando units were deploying Friday [...]

Theresa May Finds No Joy in Brussels. Now What for Brexit?

BRUSSELS — Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain headed home flustered and empty-handed on Friday after a blunt exchange at a European Union summit meeting, where Mrs. May’s entreaties for help to amend a withdrawal deal that would satisfy [...]

Moscow’s Long Game in Ukrainian Waters

“A city can survive even if it loses the equivalent of an arm or a leg, but this port is the heart of Mariupol,” said Marina Pereshivaylova, a veteran manager at the state-owned port who helped organize resistance to previous attempts [...]

An Emboldened China No Longer Cares What Its Critics Think

BEIJING — Two Canadians detained in an apparent act of prosecutorial retaliation. A prominent pastor, an internationally renowned Chinese photographer and China’s top international police officer all held by the authorities. Hundreds [...]

Kosovo Parliament Votes to Create an Army, Defying Serbia and NATO

PRISTINA, Kosovo — Kosovo’s Parliament overwhelmingly approved legislation on Friday to form an army, prompting criticism from NATO and European Union officials and angering neighboring Serbia, which said it was prepared to use its own [...]

Strasbourg Suspect Was on a Watch List: What Are the ‘S Files’?

PARIS — A deadly attack this week at the Strasbourg Christmas market in France by a suspect who was on a watch list as a possible security risk has drawn scrutiny once again to how the authorities handle suspects who have been flagged [...]

Turning to a New Brexit Battle, Theresa May Faces E.U. Resistance

BRUSSELS — After winning a confidence vote and saving her job for now, Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain on Thursday had less success in extracting concessions from European Union leaders who rebuffed her pleas to help her salvage [...]

Chérif Chekatt, Strasbourg Attacker, Is Killed by French Police, Officials Say

PARIS — The French police on Thursday night confronted and fatally shot the man believed to be responsible for killing three people and wounding many more in Strasbourg this week, bringing a tense, two-day manhunt to an end and providing [...]