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As U.S. Leaves Allies in Syria, Kurdish Commander Struggles With Fallout

QAMISHLI, Syria — As United States troops continued their withdrawal from Syria on Sunday, a line of cars carried their routed former allies, terrified civilians and dead bodies out of a pulverized border town that had been besieged [...]

In Switzerland, Hints That the Far Right Has Run Out of Steam

SEELISBERG, Switzerland — Far-right and populist parties have seized influence and power across Europe in recent years, but Swiss voters appear poised to deliver a rebuke in parliamentary elections on Sunday to one of the first to [...]

Vacant: 600-Year-Old Job With Top Pay. Perks Include Monarch’s Bed.

LONDON — For more than 600 years, it has been one of the top jobs in Britain. Perks include an apartment next to Big Ben and better pay than the prime minister. And, if you like the sound of your own voice — as the incumbent seems [...]

Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas as Protesters Defy Ban

HONG KONG — Police banned the march. Two of its promoters were attacked. Still, tens of thousands of black-clad protesters filled the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday in a display of continuing support for the monthslong protest movement [...]

In a Deeply Split Israel City, Both Sides Urge Unity

ROSH HAAYIN, Israel — On one side of town, it’s falafel and observing Shabbat. On the other, it’s sushi and the yearning for a Saturday morning coffee at a local cafe. Both sides can be guilty of insularity and snobbery. The [...]

Boris Johnson Has a Trust Problem in Parliament

LONDON — For the ever-wary lawmakers who sit behind Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Britain’s House of Commons, one insurance policy on his rollicking leadership was not enough. So on Saturday, they took out another. So distrustful [...]

After Fare Hike Stirs Violent Unrest in Chile, President Suspends It

The fare increase, which went into effect on Oct. 6, came at a time when the cost of living for poor and middle-class families has been rising while wages have remained stagnant. The average monthly salary is $ 807, about a fifth of [...]

The Stunning Escape of El Chapo’s Son: It’s Like ‘a Bad Netflix Show’

MEXICO CITY — Escape, it seems, is a trait shared in the Guzmán family. So is embarrassing the government of Mexico. Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the drug lord known as El Chapo, eluded the grasp of the government numerous times — [...]

U.K. Lawmakers Disrupt Boris Johnson’s Brexit Plan

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a humiliating defeat on Saturday as Parliament rebuffed his campaign to take Britain out of the European Union by the end of the month and forced him to seek an extension that he had [...]

Anti-Brexit Protesters Descend on London as Parliament Debates

LONDON — As lawmakers huddled inside the House of Commons on Saturday to debate Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered outside the Palace of Westminster to demand that voters be [...]