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Egypt’s Female Lion Tamers Show the Men How to Do It

For Ms. el-Helw, though, lions are a family business. Her grandmother Mahassen was the Arab world’s first female lion tamer, and her father, Ibrahim, was a star of Egypt’s state-run National Circus during its heyday in the 1980s. Her [...]

Coronavirus Live Updates: State and City Leaders Clamor for Medical Supplies as U.S. Cases Top 135,000

Mayor Bill de Blasio, and many other elected leaders, stress their urgent needs for medical supplies. New York City has a one-week supply of medical supplies to care for any New Yorker who is sick, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Sunday, [...]

Rich Europeans Flee Virus for 2nd Homes, Spreading Fear and Fury

Unlike the second-home-owning class, many Europeans face the likelihood of spending weeks in quarantine in cramped spaces. Some have been laid off while others must continue to work, sometimes with limited protection, in low-paying jobs [...]

India’s Coronavirus Lockdown Leaves Vast Numbers Stranded and Hungry

NEW DELHI — In one of the biggest migrations in India’s modern history, hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers have begun long journeys on foot to get home, having been rendered homeless and jobless by Prime Minister Narendra [...]

Crisis in African Region Is Becoming France’s Forever War

AWAGATE FOREST, MALI — For two days, dozens of armored vehicles carrying 180 elite soldiers with the French Foreign Legion lumbered over West Africa’s scrubby savanna to reach a suspected hide-out for Islamist militants. Finally, [...]

Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Drops Idea of Quarantining New York Region

America’s lost month: How the U.S. fell behind on coronavirus testing. As the deadly coronavirus spread across the United States between late January and early March, large-scale testing of people who might have been infected did [...]

Taliban Attack Afghanistan Amid Growing Coronavirus Threat

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban on Saturday attacked several provinces in northern Afghanistan, overrunning large parts of one district even as American diplomats expressed optimism that a peace process stalled over the release of [...]

In the Coronavirus Fight in Scandinavia, Sweden Stands Apart

STOCKHOLM — When the coronavirus swept into the Scandinavian countries, Norway and Denmark scrambled to place extensive restrictions on their borders to stem the outbreak. Sweden, their neighbor, took a decidedly different path. While [...]

Coronavirus Crisis Awakens a Sleeping Giant: China’s Youth

Students have flooded social media to organize donations for Chinese doctors battling the coronavirus epidemic. Workers have marched in the streets to demand compensation for weeks of unemployment during citywide lockdowns. Young citizen [...]

Coronavirus Live News Updates: Over 600,000 Cases Worldwide

Earlier this week, the country surpassed the case totals in China and Italy. The number of known cases has risen rapidly in recent days, as testing ramped up after weeks of widespread shortages and delays. Over 600,000 cases have now [...]