08152020What's Hot:

Parents, Students and Teachers Give Britain a Failing Grade Over Exam Results

Hundreds of thousands of teenagers in England tore open envelopes this week bearing the results of their A-levels, comprehensive exams that are supposed to assess the quality of their secondary education and serve as a barometer for [...]

U.N. Security Council Rejects U.S. Proposal to Extend Arms Embargo on Iran

The United States suffered an embarrassing diplomatic defeat on Friday when the United Nations Security Council rejected a proposal to indefinitely extend an arms embargo on Iran, with even America’s strongest allies refusing to buckle [...]

Workers Join Belarus Protests, as Leader’s Base Turns Against Him

MINSK, Belarus — The popular uprising against President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko of Belarus entered a new phase on Friday as protests spread at the state-run factories at the core of his political base. In one of the most dramatic [...]

Taking Hard Line, Greece Turns Back Migrants by Abandoning Them at Sea

RHODES, Greece — The Greek government has secretly expelled more than 1,000 refugees from Europe’s borders in recent months, sailing many of them to the edge of Greek territorial waters and then abandoning them in inflatable and [...]

Israel-U.A.E. Deal Swaps One Nightmare for Another for Palestinians

The Palestinian polity has long been weak, divided between the portions of the West Bank nominally controlled by Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, and his rivals in Hamas, the Islamic militant group that dominates [...]

Somalia’s Army Told Her to Sew a Skirt. Now She’s One of Its Top Officers.

NAIROBI, Kenya — When Iman Elman decided to enlist in the Somali National Army in 2011, the officer distributing uniforms gave her one shirt and two pairs of pants. Puzzled, Ms. Elman asked about the missing shirt. There was none, he said. [...]

North Korea, Fighting to Hold Back Virus and Floods, Says No Thanks to Outside Aid

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, says the nation is facing “two crises at the same time” — fighting the spread of the coronavirus and coping with extensive flood damage. But Mr. Kim has ordered his country [...]

As Britain Climbs Out of an Economic Pit, Tough Questions Loom

LONDON — To understand why Britain has spiraled into the deepest recession of its modern history, go for a stroll in central London, no longer a ghost town but still a shadow of its once-bustling self. Shuttered storefronts pock the [...]

Netanyahu Drops Troubled Annexation Plan for Diplomatic Gain

Amos Gilead, an Israeli security expert who at once served as an unofficial emissary to the Emirates, said he welcomed any steps toward normalization but would need to be convinced. “I’m not sure the U.A.E. as I know them will open [...]

Protests Take On Thai Monarchy, Despite Laws Banning Such Criticism

BANGKOK — The plainclothes men showed up late at night near Thammasat University in Bangkok, casing out the residence where the student activist slept. On Thursday morning, Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul went to her sociology class, [...]