01192020What's Hot:

Harry and Meghan Give Up Royal Titles, Forgo State Funding

WINDSOR, England — Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, will stop using their loftiest royal titles, give up state funding and repay at least $ 3 million in taxpayer money used to refurbish their official residence at Windsor Castle [...]

Downed Plane’s Black Boxes Will Go to Ukraine, Iranian Media Says

Iran will send to Ukraine the black boxes from the Boeing 737-800 that its military mistakenly shot down shortly after takeoff from an airport in Tehran this month, the official Tasnim News Agency reported on Saturday. A director in [...]

As Five Star Party Risks Implosion, Italy Fears the Fallout

Rebellions are breaking out all over the place. In December, members of Parliament refused to pay their dues into a party fund, prompting the party to threaten more expulsions. A couple days later, Davide Casaleggio, the son of the party’s [...]

As Powers Jostle for Influence in Libya, Europe Finally Pays Attention

BRUSSELS — For more than eight years, the Libyan conflict has festered and the European Union has mostly looked away. Libya mattered, if at all, as a playground for terrorism and a source of the migrants disrupting European politics. But [...]

As Libya Descends Into Chaos, Foreign Powers Look for a Way Out

TRIPOLI, Libya — Russia has sent hundreds of mercenaries to back militias laying siege to Libya’s capital. The United Arab Emirates has sent jets and drones, while Egypt has provided logistical support. To stop them, Turkey has [...]

Putin and the Art of Stepping Down Gracefully While Keeping a Grip on Power

In the Russian system, alliances of business oligarchs, generals, governors, intelligence officers and oil company chiefs compete for power and money. Mostly out of public view, they disseminate kompromat, or comprising information about each [...]

Indian General Talks of ‘Deradicalization Camps’ for Kashmiris

NEW DELHI — India’s top military commander has created shock waves by suggesting that Kashmiris could be shipped off to “deradicalization camps,” which rights activists consider an alarming echo of what China has done to many [...]

French Strikers Shut Down the Louvre, Setting a New Target in a Pension Fight

PARIS — Visitors were turned away from the Louvre on Friday after strikers protesting the French government’s planned pension overhaul blocked entrances to the museum, leaving tourists from around the world befuddled and frustrated. The [...]

China’s Birthrate Hits Historic Low, in Looming Crisis for Beijing

BEIJING — The number of babies born in China last year fell to a nearly six-decade low, exacerbating a looming demographic crisis that is set to reshape the world’s most populous nation and threaten its economic vitality. About [...]

Hold the Phone, Sydney … It’s Raining.

SYDNEY, Australia — Rural firefighters and farmers, as well as just about everyone in Australia’s largest city, rejoiced Friday at the arrival of something not seen for months: heavy downpours of that magnificent gift called rain. Thunderstorms [...]