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A Summer of Angst in One of the World’s Safest Countries

BERLIN — Germany ranks in international studies as one of the safest, most peaceful countries in the world. Overall crime has declined for the better part of a decade, and statistics show that Germans have relatively few reasons [...]

Thailand’s Roads Are Deadly. Especially if You’re Poor.

When things go wrong, those in power often promise to make it right. But do they? In this series, The Times investigates to see if those promises were kept. BANGKOK — The Thai woman was riding on a motorcycle on her way to work when [...]

Egyptian Sought in F.B.I. Qaeda Query Says He Has Nothing to Hide

Mr. Ibrahim, who described himself as an ordinary member of the party, said he was elated by the election of Mr. Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, and relished the idea of living in a democratic nation. But a crackdown [...]

With Troop Buildup, China Sends a Stark Warning to Hong Kong

SHENZHEN, China — The Shenzhen Bay Sports Center rises along the shore with the green hills of Hong Kong visible across the water. It normally bustles with a variety of youth sports programs and dance, art and language academies, [...]

One Minute It Was an Afghan Wedding. The Next, a Funeral for 63.

KABUL, Afghanistan — One minute, it was a wedding — nearly a thousand guests packed under one roof, a thin partition segregating them by gender. Men shimmied to a live band, women spun to a D.J. Their invitation cards read: We celebrate [...]

Crack Cocaine Makes a Paris Neighborhood ‘Hell’ for Users and Residents

The bare, dusty ground is littered with rusty blades and crack pipes. The area reeks of urine and garbage. At least three times a day, Charly Roué is drawn to this neighborhood, one of the most sordid in Paris, always following the [...]

Hong Kong Protesters Defy Police Ban in Show of Strength After Tumult

HONG KONG — A sea of Hong Kong protesters marched through the dense city center in the pouring rain on Sunday, defying a police ban, in a vivid display of the movement’s continuing strength after more than two months of demonstrations, [...]

Her Ex-Boyfriend Killed Her Mother. Will the U.S. Offer a Refuge?

To win asylum in the United States, applicants must show specific grounds for their persecution back home, like their race, religion, political affiliation or membership in a particular social group. Lawyers have sometimes pushed successfully [...]

63 Killed as Explosion Turns Kabul Wedding Into Carnage

KABUL, Afghanistan — An explosion ripped through a packed wedding hall in Kabul late on Saturday evening, killing 63 people and wounding 182, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry said. The spokesman, Nasrat Rahimi, said [...]

With Pickets, Russian Protesters Look to Sustain Momentum

MOSCOW — Antigovernment protesters staged a series of pickets across Moscow on Saturday, trying to sustain the momentum of the growing Russian opposition movement that has roiled the capital every weekend for a month. The atmosphere [...]