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Hard-Line U.S. Tactics Will ‘Block’ Path to Denuclearization, North Korea Warns

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea warned on Sunday that if the United States continued to escalate its sanctions and human rights campaign against the North, that approach could permanently shatter any chance of denuclearizing the [...]

China’s Detention Camps for Muslims Turn to Forced Labor

KASHGAR, China — Muslim inmates from internment camps in far western China hunched over sewing machines, in row after row. They were among hundreds of thousands who had been detained and spent month after month renouncing their religious [...]

NORWAY Dispatch: Where Reindeer Are a Way of Life

KAUTOKEINO, Norway — Reindeer herding is not a job for many Sami, an indigenous people of fewer than 140,000 who inhabit mostly the northern reaches of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. It is a way of life. Jovsset Ante Sara, a [...]

Climate Negotiators Reach an Overtime Deal to Keep Paris Pact Alive

Want climate news in your inbox? Sign up here for Climate Fwd:, our email newsletter. KATOWICE, Poland — Diplomats from nearly 200 countries reached a deal on Saturday to keep the Paris climate agreement alive by adopting a detailed [...]

Brazil’s Violent Drug Trade Overruns Paraguay: ‘Scenes You Only See in Movies’

ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay — Even Paraguay’s antidrug chief couldn’t believe what was happening. In October, officials there said they had foiled a plot to deploy a car bomb packed with 187 pounds of explosives to free a jailed drug [...]

Amid Russia Tensions, Ukraine Moves Toward Separate Church

MOSCOW — Ukraine took a major step on Saturday toward establishing its own, autonomous Orthodox Church, setting the stage for increased tensions with Russia by altering a centuries-old religious tradition under which the Kiev church answered [...]

How McKinsey Has Helped Raise the Stature of Authoritarian Governments

There were also questions about Mr. Akhmetov, who had long been suspected of links to organized crime, which he denied. One diplomat called his Party of Regions a haven for “mobsters and oligarchs,” noting that it might be trying [...]

Mexico City Dispatch: Virgin of Guadalupe Is ‘No. 1 Mother’ in Mexico, a Binding Force Across Divides

MEXICO CITY — His mother was grievously ill, nearing death. So Jesús Vicuña, 17, made a deal with the heavens. In his prayers for her recovery, he vowed to make a certain painful sacrifice in exchange. Which is how he found himself [...]

Paris Is Fortified as 5th Week of ‘Yellow Vests’ Protests Bring Scuffles and Tear Gas

PARIS — Boarded-up shops. Empty cafes. Closed museums. And, for the most part, two main colors: the bright yellow vests of protesters and the black gear of riot police. For the fifth straight weekend, France was confronted by a determined [...]

Ukraine Asserts Major Russian Military Buildup on Eastern Border

Then, NATO released satellite images corroborating the Ukrainian assertions. But after Mr. Poroshenko visited NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday, the secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, made no specific mention of a buildup. Mr. [...]