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How to Invest in Tomorrow’s Biggest Cannabis Grower Today

Freedom. It’s the most important political concept, and perhaps the most important human concept, ever. Yet what does freedom really mean? Well, as one famous song puts it: Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. Now, as [...]

AT&T’s Stock Price Buoyed by Nearly 7% Dividend Yield

AT&T Corp.’s stock price is partly supported by a dividend yield of nearly 7 percent, but the company faces daunting competition in its video and entertainment business segments that limits its potential for capital appreciation. AT&T’s [...]

Fed Gives Green Light to Bond Equivalents

Bryan Perry Last week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting came and went as most Fed watchers had expected, with the exception of one caveat. While it had been almost universally understood the Fed would leave short-term interest rates [...]

Never Mind Jeff Bezos’ Affair, Amazon Is Still A Screaming Buy

Jeff Bezos was first spotted in public with his secret mistress on Oct. 30. Amazon.com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) stock then dove 15 percent over the next two months and is now 20 percent down from its all-time peak. Even though the stock is in the [...]

The China Meltdown Is Here!

Publisher’s Note: We closed Mark Skousen’s Winner’s Circle earlier this month but have decided to open up eight more slots — and once they are gone, we will close membership again until June. Winner’s Circle is a lifetime membership [...]

Who Benefits From Mass Immigration? Not You!

Assiduous readers of my columns know that I have frequently made the point that America’s immigration policies benefit only three groups of people: 1) rich Americans with a lot of employees, 2) the immigrants themselves, and 3) their grandmothers [...]

Seeking Market Exposure in Foreign Currency

Foreign Affairs Investors seeking exposure to foreign currencies may be interested in learning about the Vanguard Total International Bond ETF (BNDX). This exchange-traded fund (ETF) offers broad exposure to investment-grade bonds that are [...]

Why the Rich Get Richer—and How You Can Too

A few years ago, building wealth in America was all about getting a good education, a good job and diligently saving money through your 401(k) and investing in real estate. That formula worked through the 1990s and through most of the 2000s. Then [...]

Verizon Stock Price Gains 5G Lift, Pays Investors 4% Dividend Yield

Verizon Communications Inc.’s stock price should benefit from the company’s planned full-fledged rollout of fifth-generation (5G) telecommunications services, while also paying its shareholders a current dividend yield of more than 4 percent. The [...]

Lock and Load Big Dividend Yields in Refining Stocks

Contributors By Bryan Perry I’ve been scouring the universe of dividend-paying stocks in search of depressed assets that are supported by strong fundamentals, but just happen to have sold off in sympathy with a down-and-out sector. I’m [...]