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DACA: An Actual Abuse of Power.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The president abused his power, causing a constitutional crisis. Rather than enforce the law—as the Constitution required him to—he effectively invited foreigners to break the law under a quid pro quo. He even [...]

The Afghanistan Papers Show The Swamp At Its Worst.

Facebook Twitter Email Print On Monday, the Washington Post published its story on the Afghanistan papers: 2,000 pages of interview notes of those involved in the war effort. It details the widespread deception and futility that characterized [...]

Michelle Obama Is Waiting In The Wings.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The American presidential campaign season never really ends; it merely slows down or accelerates. Just as many opponents of President Donald Trump began to consider how he might be removed from office on the day [...]

President Trump Should Not Rely on NATO.

Facebook Twitter Email Print In March, news that Germany refused to meet the financial obligations that come with membership to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was met with some ire by the general public. This shocked few national [...]

Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Report Exonerates President Trump.

Facebook Twitter Email Print Today, Nancy Pelosi announced that the Democrats were moving forward with their three-year-long quest to impeach President Trump. This, despite the catastrophic failure of yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee [...]

Qatar is Destabilizing the Middle East.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The Iran-Iraq War, and successive Gulf conflicts during the last century have wreaked havoc on the Middle East’s economic development. Religious movements like the Muslim Brotherhood, and nationalist movements [...]

Principled Inaction in the Face of Climate Change Extremism.

Facebook Twitter Email Print For the next two weeks, delegates from nearly 200 countries and 29,000 visitors will be convening in Madrid for a summit on climate change. President Trump’s refusal to cosign radical climate extremism is a courageous [...]

“Cold” Medicine: Canadian Drug Imports Will Cost Americans

Facebook Twitter Email Print In the hopes of lowering the cost of prescription drugs for Americans, the Trump Administration announced plans in late July to draft a proposal for the importation and sale of prescription drugs from Canada. The [...]

The Real Purpose Behind the Immigration Debate.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The current debate over immigration is noticeably different from any other time in our political history. Not long ago, the Democratic Party argued that unregulated increases in immigrant labor would threaten America’s [...]

Soft Genocide: The Future Of Xinjiang.

Facebook Twitter Email Print Genocide was first recognized as a crime under international law by the United Nations in 1946 and codified into law two years later by the Genocide Convention. International law condemns a range of actions “committed [...]