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China is Putting Uyghurs In Concentration Camps.

Facebook Twitter Email Print In northwestern China lies the mostly rural, predominantly Muslim province of Xinjiang. Over ten years ago the Uyghur community, a largely Muslim Turkic ethnic minority, was at the epicenter of a resurgent, violent, [...]

The Scandal of Our Schools.

Facebook Twitter Email Print In March of this year, the world of higher education was rocked when the Justice Department announced the largest conspiracy case in history involving college admissions. The scheme’s ringleader, William Rick [...]

Kowtowing to China, Blizzard Style.

Facebook Twitter Email Print “Every voice matters,” according to Activision-Blizzard; that is, unless you use that voice to show support for Hong Kong. Hong Kong-based professional video game player Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai learned [...]

Twitter Suspends Carpe Donktum, Then Reverses Course.

TECH The reason? “Copyright infringement.” on October 14, 2019 Facebook Twitter Email Print Twitter briefly banned Carpe Donktum, President Donald Trump’s favorite meme maker and a Human Events contributor. The company reversed [...]

Capitalism Always Wins.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The policy proposals coming out of the Democratic primaries hearken back to the utopian mantra of socialism: the needs of individuals can be determined and fulfilled by society at large. In the heart of the socialist [...]

Legitocracy In America.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The commentariat across the political spectrum have recently reveled in predicting imminent authoritarianism and the “literal death of democracy” unless sundry bugbears are stopped. As Murray sees it, the United [...]

Leaker, Liberal, Sceptic, Spy.

Facebook Twitter Email Print To paraphrase the classic spy thriller Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, there was a mole right at the top of US intelligence—and they’ve been there for years. It appears we have a “whistlemole” in the White [...]

Rejoinder: Is Amy Coney Barrett the Best Choice for SCOTUS?

Facebook Twitter Email Print When I wrote my piece on Judge Amy Coney Barrett, I was hoping that someone would prove me wrong. That, or reassure me, and assuage my doubts about her as the presumptive front-runner for the next Trump appointee [...]

Why the War in Afghanistan Must End.

Facebook Twitter Email Print After the news that President Donald Trump canceled peace talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban leaders at Camp David, the reactions were tense from both the left and the right. Democratic Senator Bob Menendez called [...]

Exit Stage Left: Joe Biden’s Floundering Presidential Campaign.

Facebook Twitter Email Print Former Vice President Joe Biden may have peaked in his quest to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.-D) has been nipping at his heels for months and recent polls now have her [...]