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Save the Shale Oil Industry.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically changing the world; the shock to the global economy cannot be understated. Hardly immune from the turbulent markets, a coronavirus-induced global recession has compounded [...]

The Self-Defeating Ambition of Xi Jinping.

Facebook Twitter Email Print In December, Chinese physician Li Wenliang attempted to raise the alarm that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic was coming—and coming fast. Local officials, fearful of unrest and upsetting central authority, [...]

President Trump: Make Workplaces Safe Again by Making Masks.

Facebook Twitter Email Print President Trump is fighting a war on two fronts right now: the virus itself, and making sure there’s a country and economy left to save once the virus is defeated. You won’t have much of a workforce if large [...]

Coronavirus Is the Crisis that will Define Donald Trump’s Legacy.

Facebook Twitter Email Print President Donald Trump has been facing crises since the day of his inauguration. Most of these tempests, however, have been phony investigations promulgated by the Democrats and the ever-obstinate Deep State, determined [...]

Andrew Gillum is a Coward.

Facebook Twitter Email Print To me, the closeted gay man has always been the most cowardly form of man. Cowardly is the only way to accurately describe the kind of grown adult male who is so afraid of how he is “seen” by society, so afraid [...]

Population Testing Is Critical to Managing the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Facebook Twitter Email Print With the United States gradually ramping up testing for the coronavirus, there has been a sharp, expected increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 disease. The individuals tested will learn whether they are infected, [...]

Biden and Sanders Are Both Offering Socialism.

Facebook Twitter Email Print The Democrats, now a cult of assiduous navel-gazers—obsessed with gender, anxious about white privilege and tortured about the role of race in American history—are offering their voters a choice between a 78-year-old-socialist-white-man [...]

Candace Owens Should Stop Being Flippant About Coronavirus.

Facebook Twitter Email Print What do we do when a prominent conservative starts spouting nonsense? Last week, I posted a seemingly innocuous tweet about the tragic dire of affairs in Italy. An entire generation of Italians are dying. They [...]

Elon Musk Is A Danger To The Public.

Facebook Twitter Email Print Monday afternoon, Alameda County, CA, issued a “shelter-in-place” order that instructed businesses only to conduct their “minimum necessary functions.” The measure, intended to slow the transmission of COVID-19, [...]

How Propaganda Gets Transmitted from China to Leftist Influencers.

Facebook Twitter Email Print “Donald Trump is racist.” This charge from the left is neither new or interesting anymore; it’s followed the President around since his escalator ride in 2015. So when the mass-and-social media left rallied [...]