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Trump will lose in 2020, explains pollster Dr. Rachel Bitecofer

Dr. Rachel Bitecofer, the only political pollster to nail the 2018 election, joins us to explain why she thinks Donald Trump is going to lose in 2020, and how Democrats will fare in the House and Senate. Rachel, a self-described “data girl [...]

Huge fundraising numbers for the Democratic presidential candidates

In today’s UnPresidented podcast, Cliff and I tell you what the new fundraising numbers mean for the various Democratic presidential candidates (Buttigieg, incredibly, beat Bernie Sanders — by a LOT). And we talk about the new polls that [...]

Mueller needs to explain why the F he didn’t indict Trump

Home Elections Mueller needs to explain why the F he didn’t indict Trump In today’s UnPresidented podcast, Cliff and I talk about Mueller finally agreeing to testify and whether it will matter (we’re not sure it will, as Mueller still [...]

Buh-bye Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the only true Enemy of the People

In today’s podcast, Cliff and I discuss the fact that the White House press corps is throwing a going away party for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the person most responsible for the greatest destruction of White House transparency in recent [...]

Crooks & Liars’ John Amato talks the 2020 election

Our good friend John Amato, the founder of Crooks & Liars, joins us to talk about the latest really bad polls for Trump’s reelection effort (including an awful Fox News poll — awful for Trump, that is), the Kyle Kashuv Harvard controversy, [...]

Norm Ornstein makes the case for impeachment

Congressional scholar Norm Ornstein joins us for a really interesting discussion on impeachment, and the never-ending Trump scandals. Ornstein talks with us about the origins of tribalism and Republican extremism, going all the way back to [...]

The history of MeToo and women’s wokeness since Chappaquiddick, with social historian Linda Hirshman

This is the second half our interview with social historian Linda Hirshman, who joins us to talk about her new book, just released today, about the origins of the MeToo movement: “Reckoning: The Epic Battle Against Sexual Abuse and Harassment.” [...]

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor changed the world, with historian Linda Hirshman

My longtime friend Linda Hirshman, who wrote a book about how Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O’Connor changed the world with their historic appointments to the Supreme Court (and how RBG started shaking things up decades before that), [...]

The Clampetts go to London

The Trumps are in London, en masse, and it’s as embarrassing a spectacle as you can imagine. And that’s the topic of today’s UnPresidented podcast. From Ivanka’s cowgirl dress, to Tiffany’s “Gone With the Wind” curtains, and [...]

“Beyond Burger” Taste Test — Does a plant-based burger taste like real meat?

The Beyond Burger is a new plant-based fake hamburger that allegedly tastes just like the real thing. Well, I saw some Beyond Burger today at the local grocery story, and in spite of the ridiculously high price ($ 12/pound) I bought two patties [...]