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Screaming Trump — sit down! sit down! — loses it at press conference over “national emergency” declaration

Home News Screaming Trump — sit down! sit down! — loses it at press conference over “national emergency” declaration Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem absolutely destroyed Donald Trump today at a White House press conference [...]

Right-wing Extremism 101, with guest David Neiwert

David Neiwert is one of America’s foremost experts on right-wing extremism, domestic terror, and the Alt Right. He is a freelance journalist and blogger over at Daily Kos, a contributor at the Southern Poverty Law Center, and author of the [...]

GOP far-right icon Candace Owens says Hitler would have been “fine” had he not gone global

In a bizarre, and troubling, video just published by Media Matters News Director John Whitehouse, far-right Republican icon Candace Owens explains her views on Hitler and nationalism, and they’re a doozie. Owens, who is the communications [...]

Adam Schiff says there’s collusion

US House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) joins us for an update on the Trump-Russia investigation. In this episode, Schiff responds to Trump’s latest attack on him just this morning; and gives his views on the infamous [...]

WTF, Virginia?

Longtime Virginia politics blogger Lowell Feld, editor of Blue Virginia, joins us to talk about all the crazy politics coming out of the state of Virginia this week. Our discussion includes the likely imminent resignation of Democratic Governor [...]

Demand Virginia Gov. Northam Resign

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam simply must resign. Please add your name to those demanding he step down immediately. Governor Northam’s 1984 yearbook includes a racist photo of two young men, one dressed in KKK garb, and a companion in [...]

Brexit for Dummies, with guest Ian Dunt

British writer, podcaster, and author of the book “Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?”, Ian Dunt, joins us for Brexit 101, an American’s guide to what the heck all this Brexit talk really means. Ian walks us through the basics of the [...]

Black conservative Robert George on why he’s Never Trump

Is there hope for the Republican party after Donald Trump is gone? Longtime black conservative Robert George isn’t so sure. George was an early “canary in the coal mine,” warning about problems with the GOP all the way back to Trent [...]

Karen Pence is a bigot

In today’s UnPresidented podcast we delve into the latest shutdown updates and a few LGBT stories in the news, including Mike Pence’s wife Karen’s decision to work at a virulently homophobic school that bans gay students and parents [...]