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California Continues to Support Illegal Immigrants

Originally posted by debunkgpolitics at California Continues to Support Illegal Immigrants

The Economist published an article about how California lawmakers intend to retain illegal immigrants, besides allowing “sanctuary cities.” (issue for 12/10-16/20016). According to the article, state lawmakers intend to fund the representation of illegal immigrants at deportation hearings. The upcoming measures will even ban immigration enforcement in public schools, courthouses, and hospitals. Meanwhile, too many legitimate California residents continue to suffer. Children are abused, neglected, and impoverished. Veterans, along with other adults, are homeless and in dire need of medical treatment. Plus, public roads are crumbling. Rather than put on ballots bonds to fund public services that put California in more debt, the money could be spent on supporting those who sacrificed their lives to preserve this great nation and, in turn, California, promoting future generations, and improving other public services. Despite budget cuts for lack of available funds, state lawmakers somehow found money to support violating immigration law. Unfortunately, the focus is on catering to people who have no business in California.

Source: Talk politics.

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